Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You Are Unlimited Potential!

 The title says it all. You, and everyone you know, have unlimited potential to do or become anything you desire. With enough drive, education, and will ... you can do anything you choose. As people, we often set a “cap” on what we believe is possible for us to achieve. Believe it or not everyone, whether subconsciously or consciously,sets goals that they aim to achieve. These goals are usually designed to make us happy and experience some form of pleasure. The reality is that regardless of what your goals might be, you can always aim higher and achieve a greater goal! 

 Let’s say your goal is to simply get a job serving at a busy restaurant so you can pay your bills. Well, once you’ve attained that job and you’re making some money why stop there!? Why not manage that place! If you work hard enough, and it makes you happy, why not work up to becoming a manager? Or, lets say you don’t enjoy the job and you decide you think you could do a better job with your own restaurant. It’s completely within your abilities to learn enough, save enough, and open your own restaurant. Sure it would be a lot of work, time, and sacrifice. But you can do it! Don’t fool yourself. It doesn’t stop there, now that you have your own restaurant you can take it even further. You could sell it and move onto bigger things or turn it into a chain! You can do it AND you know deep down you could make it even bigger than that! 

 Think about it like this. 

 A long, long, LONG time ago. Before cell phones, TV’s, the internet, or even cars and trains. People lived in small communities and tribes that had no connection to each other. I bet somewhere, there was a community of people living on a remote island that was surrounded by water. When they would look out at the horizon, all they could see was an endless body of water. I’m sure the common thought amongst everyone was that their piece of dirt, and that endless body of water, was the only thing that existed. Nothing else! I bet they felt that their community on that island was the “end all be all”. But one day, someone stood at the edge of the beach and looked out at that endless body of water and as they stared into the distance they thought “There’s got to be more”. 

This is true about your life, goals, fitness, nutrition, dreams, and everything in this universe. There are no limits, and there’s always more out there for you. 

- Tim


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