Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Real Deal With Infomercial CRAP!

Ah Sunday! My day off, no training, no boot camps, just time to enjoy my day. I really would be relaxed today however,right now as I sit here, my T.V. is on and slamming me with infomercials. One after the other telling me how their new product or pill will make me lose weight and get sexy toned abs with almost no effort at all! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am so tired of seeing these insane products claiming that they will turn your body from a lump of cookie dough into into a sculpted greek god/goddess!

It's all a ton of bull, wake up everyone! These people are getting rich off of hard working people's insecurities and lack of fitness knowledge and know how. There is NO MAGIC PILL, there is NO MAGIC EXERCISE OR MACHINE! If there was some pill or machine, then don't you think we would all be walking around looking like fitness models? Also, if there was something magic out there to change your body in a matter of days, then personal trainers like me would be out of a job.

Hmmmmmmmm, so if personal trainers would be out of a job if these machines or pills worked so well, then why is the personal training industry still booming? Nothing will ever replace a well thought out workout program and a solid nutrition plan. Lets be real here, if you take a moment to watch any of these informercials, all of these products come with a nutrition plan as well as a cardio workout. They make you pay through the roof for some dopy looking product claiming that it will make you shed pounds and inches, when it's actually thanks to the diet and cardio!

Diet and cardio will only get you so far before you level off and need a change, where is the resistance training to build new muscle and stimulate your metabolism? If you what to see results then start watching what you put in your mouth, don't skip workouts, and if you feel like you need some motivation or a little help then hire a quality trainer. Don't get sucked into this gimmic crap, the people on T.V. using the machine/pills are fitness models. They didn't get that way from what ever product they are selling, they did it with hard work, and genetics.

A quality trainer is worth the the money you pay. A good trainer will deliver results, Jungle Fit -Personal Training is real and always delivers results. There is no crazy sales pitch or stupid machine, just natural/functional fitness and hard work! So if you are ready to actually see real results then stop watching those infomercials and praying for a pill/machine to change your life. You have only one body and one life, and in order to live it to the fullest you need a healthy mind and body. Give your self the best gift you can, the gift of health and fitness. So if you are ready to change your life then check out and get started on the body and life you deserve!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joint Mobility???

Joint mobility drills are the fountain of youth! No you didn't read that wrong, I'm not saying that joint mobility drills will make your skin smoother and give your hair that youthful shine it once had in high school! What I am saying is that you will be able to move with great ease well into your old age with the correct use and consistent practice of joint mobility drills. Imagine being able to move your joints with the ease of a baby when you are in your fifties or higher!

I'm sure your wondering how I can make a statment like this when I am no where near my fifties. Yes, I realise that it is a pretty big claim to make, however I will stick by it until the end! Let me explain, I have spent my whole life involved in fitness/health and martial arts, joint mobility drills have been a part of my workouts before I even knew what they were. All of my martial arts teachers are well over their fifties and move like cats, and guess what they did every day, joint mobility drills! If my seventy year old japanese karate teacher could throw out kicks that would make Chuck Norris blush, he must be doing something right.

If you have read this far you must be wondering "What the heck are joint mobility drills?". It's very simple, joint mobility drills would be moving your joints through their full range of motion to allow more synovial fluid to lubricate the joint. The result is healthier joints with less friction and a greater range of motion in the joint, think of it like putting WD40 in a rusty door hinge. They are very similar to the warm ups used by dancers, martial artists, and gymnasts. Joint mobility drills have stood the test of time and produce results, they are the reason that I have clients who now no longer need the use of physio or no longer have knee or shoulder pain during activity.

You don't need to already have bad joints to start a joint mobility program, infact everyone should start long before they ever reach a state where it becomes criticle. If you want your joints to move with the ease and mobility of a little baby and not be one of those poor elderly people who have trouble stepping up a curb to get into the mall, then do your body a favour and start joint mobility drills now. All personal training programs with Jungle Fit - Personal Training include joint mobility, for some it may even be best to base the program around regaining their joint health. For more information or to contact me on how to get started with your own natural/functional personal training program and lose 5-15lbs in 2 months then just go to and get on your way to the body and life you deserve.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Use Kettlebells?

By now most people who head to a gym or workout have seen or heard about kettlebells. You know, it's that bowling ball looking thing in the corner of your gym with the handle. If your gym is like most gyms, the kettlebells just sit in the corner and never get touched. See, most people have no idea how to use a kettlebell or how they are any different from a dumbbell, even most trainers have no idea how to correctly use a kettlebell let alone teach the correct form to a client!

So lets talk about what kettlebells are used for and how they are different. Kettlebells are different from dumbbells for a few reasons. Dumbells are used for the most part in isolated exercises due to the way they are balanced on either side, making the dumbbell great for bodybuilding. Kettlebells, are built so the weight hangs and always pulls away from your hand and body, making them great for total body exercises and not isolation.

So why would you want to use total body exercises and not isolate your muscles? When you train your muscles in isolation they will work in isolation, meaning you will not feel strong in every day movements or sports. Also the more muscles you use during exercise the more calories you will burn, so using a kettlebell for total body exercises will burn more calories than using a dumbell to isolate. Can you use a dumbell for kettlebell style exercises? Yes, you can use a dumbell for some kettlebell exercises, however it will not produce the same effect. When using a dumbell for swings it will feel more like a "lift" than a "swing" due to the fact that the weight is balanced, when using the kettlebell the weight will be pulling away from your body making your muscles stretch and training your hips to "pop" that weight back up. Use the right tool for the right job, you would'nt use a hammer to drill a hole, so don't use a dumbell for kettlebell exercises!

So why should you be using kettlebells? Kettlebells produce strong, lean, flexible muscles and provide you with very functional strength. A well designed kettlebell program can blend strength training, cardio, and flexibilty training all in one short intense workout. For men kettlebells provide functional strength, and can be used to build lean muscles, wide shoulders, powerfull hips, and keep your lower back strong! Kettlebells are great for giving women lean long muscle, dropping their body fat, providing them with dynamic flexibility and strength that most women never had before. For everyone who as ever wanted a flat stomach and a butt you can bounce a quarter off, then kettlebells could be your best friend!

The only catch is that you need to find someone who can teach you how to use the kettlebell correctly. Used the properly kettlebells can fix lower back pain, increase range of motion, give you a lean body and many more great results, but used incorrectly they can lead to injury. It is very important to find a kettlebell trainer who can not only teach you the safest way to use a kettlebell but also set up the best program for your goals. Jungle Fit-Personal Training will provide you the best kettlebell training possible and have you reaching your goals faster than you ever thought possible using these amazing pieces of equipment. For more information on how to reach your goals fast and naturally, then head to the Jungle Fit-Personal Training website ( for more information on personal training and boot camps.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eat Like A Caveman

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great long weekend! I'm sure it was filled with friends, family, and unfortunately some poor choices of food! So I thought that I would touch on a subject that I get asked about all the time, food. People are always wondering "what should I eat?" or "how much should I eat?" and one of the most popular, " what do you eat?". Well ladies and gents eating right doesn't have to be hard, infact it's very, very simple. To eat right just eat like a caveman!

Now I am sure all of you are scratching your heads wondering what the heck that means! I don't mean run outside and club some wild animal and drag it home to cook over a live fire, I am talking about the paleo way of eating or a caveman style diet. The paleo (or caveman) way of eating is centered around lean meats, veggies, fruits, seeds, berries and nuts. This way of eating also cuts out dairy, grains, beans, and potatoes because in their raw uncooked form they would be poisonous to your body. So without making things complicated, eat what a caveman would eat, they had animals to eat (meat), veggies (mainly root based), fruits when they could find them, and nuts and seeds. They would not have had the means to cook or creat breads from grain, or cook potatoes and beans.

It is NOT dangerous to cut beans, grain, and potatoes. We have been evolving for over millions of years, and we have only been farming for 10 thousand. Infact, after we all started eating diets high in grains and processed foods things like diseases and obesity in the general population grew off the charts! Infact the "Canadian Food Guide" will do more for promoting disease than it will to promote good health! Click here for a little video on the paleo diet, it will help clear up a lot of questions you may have about this great way of eating. Click here for an in depth article on the paleo diet written by a doctor.

As I tell everyone who trains with Jungle Fit, if you want to see a change then workout, if you want to see a huge change then workout and change your eating habits! Your diet is 70% of what will get you the body you want. Not only that but it will improve your health leaps and bounds! Eat 5-6 times per day, breakfast, lunch and supper with small snacks inbetween each meal. If you want a challenge, try the paleo way of eating for 2 weeks, take your measurments before and after. If you don't cheat and follow this way of eating, avoid fruit juice, soda, and alcohol and drink tons of water! I promise that you will see some amazing results! I use this style of eating and have had great results in every aspect of my fitness and well being.

Jungle Fit is all about natural training and functional fitness, the paleo diet goes hand in hand with the fitness side of training. With Jungle Fit - Personal Training we guarantee you will lose 5-15lbs in 2 months naturally. Contact Tim at and get started on the track to the life you want and the body you deserve!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to The Future

Just an extention on the last post "Top Exercises You Should Be Doing!". In that last blog we touched on functional fitness and how it will improve your over all fitness. Today functional exercises, kettlebells, and suspension training seem to be a growing trend in the fitness world. Many people are promoting them as "the new hot thing" that will get you results fast. There are a number of "professionals" claiming that they have brought kettlebells into the picture or that its something mysterious.
It's true to some point. Kettlebells, bodyweight training, suspension training will all get you much better results then any machine. However, all of these things are NOT new! They are some of the oldest training tools around and there is nothing mysterious about them. Old strong men worked with kettlebells and barbells all the time. Gymnasts are among the strongest athletes in the world with some of the best physiques and they use suspension training and bodyweight resistance every day!
The gyms of the future will all be functional! Gyms will move away from machines and more towards pull up bars, suspesion training, kettlebells etc. Infact the gym of the future is actually the gym of the past (check the picture above). This is a good thing, this is what we all need, this is how everyone will get into shape and stay that way into their old age.
For more functional fitness & kettlebell training, contact Tim at and get in the best shape of your life today!
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