Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Use Kettlebells?

By now most people who head to a gym or workout have seen or heard about kettlebells. You know, it's that bowling ball looking thing in the corner of your gym with the handle. If your gym is like most gyms, the kettlebells just sit in the corner and never get touched. See, most people have no idea how to use a kettlebell or how they are any different from a dumbbell, even most trainers have no idea how to correctly use a kettlebell let alone teach the correct form to a client!

So lets talk about what kettlebells are used for and how they are different. Kettlebells are different from dumbbells for a few reasons. Dumbells are used for the most part in isolated exercises due to the way they are balanced on either side, making the dumbbell great for bodybuilding. Kettlebells, are built so the weight hangs and always pulls away from your hand and body, making them great for total body exercises and not isolation.

So why would you want to use total body exercises and not isolate your muscles? When you train your muscles in isolation they will work in isolation, meaning you will not feel strong in every day movements or sports. Also the more muscles you use during exercise the more calories you will burn, so using a kettlebell for total body exercises will burn more calories than using a dumbell to isolate. Can you use a dumbell for kettlebell style exercises? Yes, you can use a dumbell for some kettlebell exercises, however it will not produce the same effect. When using a dumbell for swings it will feel more like a "lift" than a "swing" due to the fact that the weight is balanced, when using the kettlebell the weight will be pulling away from your body making your muscles stretch and training your hips to "pop" that weight back up. Use the right tool for the right job, you would'nt use a hammer to drill a hole, so don't use a dumbell for kettlebell exercises!

So why should you be using kettlebells? Kettlebells produce strong, lean, flexible muscles and provide you with very functional strength. A well designed kettlebell program can blend strength training, cardio, and flexibilty training all in one short intense workout. For men kettlebells provide functional strength, and can be used to build lean muscles, wide shoulders, powerfull hips, and keep your lower back strong! Kettlebells are great for giving women lean long muscle, dropping their body fat, providing them with dynamic flexibility and strength that most women never had before. For everyone who as ever wanted a flat stomach and a butt you can bounce a quarter off, then kettlebells could be your best friend!

The only catch is that you need to find someone who can teach you how to use the kettlebell correctly. Used the properly kettlebells can fix lower back pain, increase range of motion, give you a lean body and many more great results, but used incorrectly they can lead to injury. It is very important to find a kettlebell trainer who can not only teach you the safest way to use a kettlebell but also set up the best program for your goals. Jungle Fit-Personal Training will provide you the best kettlebell training possible and have you reaching your goals faster than you ever thought possible using these amazing pieces of equipment. For more information on how to reach your goals fast and naturally, then head to the Jungle Fit-Personal Training website ( for more information on personal training and boot camps.

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