Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Get A Sexy Body 100% Guaranteed!

Here's a little video I made detailing what I feel ... nope I take that back ... what I KNOW is the #1 way to ensure amazing results from your fitness and health program. Check it out, and no it's not about some gimmick or pill so don't worry!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How To Make A Free Standing Pull Up Bar!

I've been receiving a lot of requests to show how my pull up bar was made or to send out plans on how to make my pull up bar. The truth is, I didn't make it so I can't give out the exact plans. However, what I do know is that it's not very hard and it's a simple design. The whole pull up bar is made from steel pipes and have been threaded at the ends. All in all the free standing pull up bar stands about 9 feet tall is around 4 feet wide, and the base bars are around 2 feet long on either side. Check out the video if you're looking to get a cheap pull up bar that can handle ring training as well. It's not by any means technical because I am the furthest thing from a handy man ... but it should help none the less!