Saturday, December 21, 2013

20 Seconds To Real Results!


 One of the biggest obstacles most people face when looking to improve their fitness is a lack of time during the day to fit in a quality workout. Now, I’m of the mind set that believes if getting into better shape and improving your fitness is a priority, than you’ll find a way to fit regular workouts into your week! After all, it’s easy to quit and make excuses than to actually commit and put yourself through a quality (and sometimes not always comfortable) workout. A lack of time to fit a workout into your busy day is sometimes just an excuse to not workout. It could be that you actually do have time to workout, you just simply aren’t committed enough to improving yourself to actually get up and get it done. If this is the case, it’s really just that you’re going through a lazy spell and need to check that immediately and get your priorities in order!  

 I’ve had countless work days that start early and and as late as 10pm, and yet I still find time to fit in a high quality workout. When I say quality, it doesn’t necessarily mean a long workout. My workouts rarely go over 45mins in duration. Short burst, high intensity exercise is what you want to perform (coupled with days or low rep heavy strength training) in order to see serious results and boost testosterone hormones in your body. One of my go-to workout protocols when I’m pressed for time, or simply looking to get a killer workout, is the Tabata protocol. 

 The Tabata protocol was named after it’s founder Professor Izumi Tabata. Professor Tabata discovered that by applying a protocol of 20 second bursts of high intensity output, at about 170% of VO2Max, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8x (a total of 4 mins) 4 days out of the week and over time actually improved both anaerobic capacity and aerobic capacity of the trainee. Another group performed a simple routine of steady state training ,70% of VO2Max, 5 days of the week and their aerobic capacity improved less as well as not improving their anaerobic capacity at all. 

 Simply put, the Tabata protocol gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to improving your conditioning and body composition! We’re talking 4 min workouts, 3-4x per week will give you better results than jogging for 1 hour each day! 

 Here’s how you can get it done! Simply grab a timer or stop watch, pick an exercise(any from the list below will due), perform the exercise as hard and as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, repeat that sequence 8 more times for a total of 4min of work. It’s that simple. Push hard, watch your form, and get it done! 

For those with joint issues or who are quite overweight I would suggest avoiding the plyometric (jumping) exercises! Try the Tabata protocol with any of the following exercises...

-Jump Squats, Body weight squats
-Jumping Lunges
-Kettlebell Swings
-Push Press
-Deck Squats
-Jump Rope, Double Unders
-Stationary Bike, Airdyne Bike 
-Rowing Machine 
-Sledgehammer smashe
-Mountain Climbers
-Sprinters Lunges 
-Mace Swings

... Just to name a few! So quit complaining about a lack of time. Try out the Tabata protocol and get your workouts in no matter what your work schedule is like! 

- Tim

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Caveman Coffe Co "White Gold" Review!

 I love coffee, especially if it's clean, organic, low mould coffee! Low mould, organic, single source coffee means no nasty side effects such as crashes or jitters and when blended up with grass fed butter and MCT oil (Bullet Proof Style) it actually leaves you feeling alert all day and without wild food cravings! What could be better than that you ask? How about an organic/single source coffee company run by two former UFC fighters Keith Jardine and Tait Fletcher that goes by the name of Caveman Coffee Co. Today I review Caveman Coffee Co's "White Gold", a light tasting delicious coffee that when blended with healthy fats creates one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had, and, no adverse effects!

 For more info you can check out Caveman Coffee Co's website at

- Tim


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout!! Happy Halloween!

 Alright! With Halloween just a day away I thought it would be fun to put together a very special conditioning workout for all of you to try! So, I've created this "Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout" in hopes of getting you into the mood for some halloween festivities, and maybe to help you burn off some of those extra calories from your halloween treats! All of which I'm sure are paleo ... right? During this Zombie Survival Workout I want you to picture yourself fighting for your life as hordes of zombies make their way towards you! As you pull I want you to imagine climbing to safety, as you crawl I want you to think of making your escape from a pack of zombies, and as you slam objects I want you to envision yourself crushing zombies!  For this reason, this workout should be done as fast as possible (with excellent form of course) and with as little rest as possible. After all, you're fighting for survival here people! So if you're ready, give the Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout a try ... and also have fun!

The Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout:

 Perform 5 rounds of the following without rest (or as little as possible). Each exercises must be done in the order presented, all reps of each exercise must be completed before moving onto the next exercise. Form is paramount so make sure you're not slacking on it at all! Time yourself and attempt to beat that time on the next occasion that you perform this workout!

- 10 pull ups/chin ups OR body weight rows (climb that wall or fence)
- Bear Crawl 40 feet (duck down and keep moving so they don't see you!)
- 12 sledgehammer smashes on a tire or grass OR Medball slams (crush that zombie while it's down!)
- 2 footed standing long jump continuously for 20 feet (jump over those zombies or from roof tops)

 There you have it! The Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout, it's fast and fun and guaranteed to get your heart racing! I've covered most of these exercises as well as progressions to make them harder or easier in my ebooks "The Body Weight Solution" and "Ancient Training For Modern Results" so if you're having an issue with them just reference those books and you'll be golden! Until next time, have a great Halloween and take care!

 - Tim


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Coffee, Butter, and Coconuts! How To Make A Cup Of Bulletproof Coffee!

 If you've been on the "up and up" in terms of paleo nutrition and fitness (if you're reading this blog I'm willing to be you are!) than I'm sure you have at least heart someone mention something about "Bulletproof Coffee". 

 Bulletproof Coffee, a name and recipe created by scientist and nutrition expert Dave Asprey. Bulletproof Coffee is loaded with healthy fats and when prepared correctly, provides you with a long lasting boost of energy that helps keep you alert and sharp all day long. Another interesting piece of information about Bulletproof Coffee is that it can actually be used to help with intermittent fasting.

 I myself start most of my days with a pretty generous cup of this excellent drink! I use it during days where I'm fasting to improve my insulin response and maintain a healthy body fat percentage, and I also use it as a nice warm wake up call to help keep me running at 100% all day. I'll admit, at first I was a little skeptical about Bulletproof Coffee. However, I was more than happy with the results. On fasted days I remained alert, not grumpy at all, and best of all I wasn't thinking about food! On regular days it pairs quite well with some eggs and veggies or bacon. You'll also notice (if made correctly) that you wont experience the nasty crash that comes with most coffee. The drink itself tastes rich and creamy and would give just about any late a run for it's money. I like to top mine off with a dash or two of cinnamon, a great antioxidant and tastes awesome. 

 Dave runs an excellent blog that can help answer a ton of questions you may have and provide you with a wealth of information not only on Bulletproff coffee, but also what Dave likes to call the Bulletproof Diet (upgraded paleo) and a host of techniques to improve your overall quality of life! You can find all of that at 

Now, just how do you create a cup of bullet proof coffee? Here's what you'll need! 

- Some organic preferably locally roasted coffee, or Dave's "Upgraded Coffee" which he sells from his website. 
- Organic grass fed unsalted butter
- Organic Coconut Oil or MCT Oil 
- A Blender 
- A Coffee Maker 

  1. Grind your coffee beans up.

  2. Brew around 2 cups of coffee.

  3. Pour your coffee into your blender or mug if you're using a hand blender.

  4. Add around 2 table spoons of grass fed organic butter to the coffee. 

  5. Add 1-2 table spoons of organic coconut oil or MCT oil to the coffee.

  6. Blend together on a low setting for around 20-30 seconds. 

  7. Grab your favourite mug, pour it in and enjoy! 

 For a little more info I highly suggest checking out this little video! Enjoy! 



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stuck In A Rut? Then Start Rooting Your Workouts In Movement!


 Most people join a gym or begin a fitness program with one goal in mind ... to simply look better! Unfortunately most gyms are not around to teach people how to workout so that they can achieve this goal of looking a little bit better in their beach wear! Most gyms, are quite simply, just renting space and equipment for people to shuffle through some makeshift workout they created all by themselves or heard about in the latest magazine. Most of the time this leads to people becoming fed up or injured and just performing set after set on one of the many machines the gym has available. Next thing you know, months or even years pass by and even though they're going to the gym on a regular basis, there's no significant change in how they look! Not to mention they wont be seeing any improvement in how easily they can perform every day tasks or extracurricular activities.

 So how do you avoid such a fate?

 You could always hire a good trainer, one that knows what their doing, gets results, and not only improves how you look, but also improves your movement/quality of life! If you're not sure what to look for in a trainer, you could always take a look at the list I wrote about in a previous blog regarding how to choose the right trainer! 

 You could also pick up a DVD or Book that was written or produced by well known and peer respected fitness coaches/trainers who specialise in producing results while improving your movement. I have some great Ebooks available from my website as well as some DVD's that will all get the job done ... yes that was a shameless plug!

 I know what some of you must be thinking, why all this talk about movement? I just want to look hot!

 Well guess what people, if you base your workouts around movements you'll not only look "hot" you'll get there a hell of a lot faster than you would with isolation movements (using machines or body building methods)! You'll also reduce your risk of injury, improve your mobility, increase your flexibility, burn more over all calories, and not have to workout for anything over 45mins!

 Damn! Now doesn't that sound great!

 First you'll need to learn the correct form on movements like push ups, squats, lunges, rows, pull ups, over head pressing and various crawls, hops, and rolls. Even if you can't do any of these movements yet, then you need to learn the progressions. Everyone can do some form of these movements, you just need to learn what level you are at and then proceed forward. I've outlined all these progressions in my Ebooks as well as in some of my YouTube videos. If you're hiring a trainer, make sure they can take you through the necessary progressions safely! Just by learning and practicing these movements you'll be improving your balance, flexibility, mobility, and in some cases strength and conditioning.

 Next, you'll need to learn how to put it all together in a workout that suits your needs. If you've hired a good trainer they'll do this for you, but they should explain to you why you're doing what you are doing! Ask them! If you're on your own, then it's up to you to put together your workout. Assuming you've now done some reading, blog crawling, and video studying you should have an idea of how to put it all together. Most likely in some short, higher intensity, circuit or interval workout that can be completed in under 40mins including your warm up time! Still not sure what workouts like these look like? Then please, if you haven't already taken a look at all the FREE workouts I've posted on my YouTube channel go there now! I know that some of these workouts look (and are) a little advanced, but I assure you if you follow the progressions that I have taught in some videos and I have outlined in great detail in my Ebooks, you'll be able to find a progression for each exercise that suits your fitness level!

 Start eating well, keep it pretty paleo/primal or as close to it as humanly possible! Make sure you're performing a movement based workout 3-4x per week and you should be well on your way to a new, healthier, more functional you!

 I know some of you might still be asking, why these movements? What's so special about them?

 Well let me explain a little further. When you perform any movement or activity in real life, be it sports, picking up your groceries, climbing the stairs, or helping a friend move boxes ... all of your muscles move together. It's just how life works, all of our daily activities are based around these movements. When we sit down or stand up we're squatting. When play with the dog or kids we're rolling around pushing and pulling. Climbing up your stairs, you're lunging. When you're gardening or doing yard work it can be any number of these movements combined. Also, during every single one of these movements your abs and inner abdominal muscles have to work to stabilize your spine and keep you from falling apart! By creating a workout rooted in these very natural movements, you'll become stronger at each of them, and be able to transition between them with greater ease all while reducing your risk of injury while performing your every day tasks! You're short burst, high intensity workouts based off these movements will burn a ton of calories in a very short period of time, meaning you'll workout for a shorter amount of time and start looking awesome quite quickly! Plus, your endurance and conditioning will increase allowing you to have a greater amount of energy through out the day and prevent you from becoming fatigued during strenuous activity!

 So if you're bored with your workouts, not seeing results, or your injured all the time. It might just be time for you to take a look at what your doing, and try switching to more movements based exercises!

- Tim


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anyone Can Make You Tired, Not Everyone Can Make You Better!

The health and fitness industry is booming and has been for the past couple years now. Along with this boom has come a wave of new gyms, personal trainers and "fitness experts". The fitness industry is fun, exciting, you get to help people, and it's (for the most part) easy to get into! But, for all of those reasons that many of these trainers and "experts" (however good their intentions might be) may be doing more harm to their clients than good!

 Ask almost anyone who's an avid gym goer and they'll probably tell you that they have thought of becoming a personal trainer, were once one, or are in the process of becoming one! I mean, if you're already at the gym all the time why not just make a living at it, right? Wrong!

 It takes much more that a passion for working out to be a good, let alone great, trainer or fitness coach! It takes more than taking an entry level personal training certification course for a couple weeks (or weekend!). It takes more than throwing together random workouts that just exhaust your clients. It takes more than competing in fitness/body building competitions. It takes more than knowing just how to train yourself or already fit people and trying to apply that to all your clients.

 Unfortunately, this is what you'll find in most personal trainers and so called "fitness experts" that you come across. Especially at most franchise large gyms, they are notorious for hiring under qualified personal trainers.

 You see, just because your trainer is in shape, does not make them a good trainer. Just because your exhausted after your workouts does not make your trainer a good trainer. Just because you pay a lot for your trainer, does not make them a good trainer!

But why should you care? I'll tell you why! Your trainer, and everything they tell/teach you, every movement they make you perform, everything they suggest you eat, directly effects you short and long term health and well being. Everything they do with you should be making you better not just in the short term but also in the long run.

 Any dummy can make you tired, but not everyone can make you better!

 So what should you look for in a trainer and fitness expert? What should you look for in the person you're giving your money, time, and health? Here's a check list that you're trainer should have!

- They should have multiple certifications that pertain to fitness and health. Just one  personal training certification by itself is not enough!

- They should be attending workshops, certification courses or seminars regularly to keep their knowledge up to date. Minimum 1 of these per year!

- They should be able to train anyone of any fitness level, age, weight, or experience regardless of injury or ability to help them reach their goals and improve their health.

- They should be skilled in multiple styles of training (body weight, kettlebell, powerlifting, yoga, martial arts, isolation)

- They should be able to effectively coach you on what to eat not only for weight loss but also for optimal health. And this doesn't mean they should sell you needless supplements and shakes! Their nutrition information should be up to date!

- They must be great teachers! Knowledge is not enough. They must be able to apply that knowledge to any client in a way that can be metabolized by that client so they understand it fully and can apply it! A bonus is being able to teach this through various media, such as I do with my Online Personal Training Clients or through the various videos I have on YouTube! 

- They need to be reading new blogs, books, and papers written by the leading experts in the field of health and fitness! And no Men's Health Magazine or MuscleMag don't count!

- They need to be able to explain exactly why they are making you do what you are doing and how it benefits  you. They should also be able to explain how those exercises will progress or change in the future to match your goals!

- They should be able to train you anywhere with no equipment at all and still be able to help you reach your goals (fat loss, enhanced conditioning, strength gains etc) much like I show in my various ebooks! 

- They should give you their full attention and honest opinions during every training session and never let your slack!

- They should be the living embodiment of what they preach, no exceptions!

 If your trainer doesn't do these things then it may be time to reconsider who you're dealing with! Remember its your health and life we are dealing with here, leave it in the hands of someone who deserves it!




Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Active Rest Days For Results!

 Just like resting between sets, resting on days between workouts is important. Having days during to take time off working out is just as important as your workouts. It allows time for you to recover from your workouts and helps prevent burning out or over training. For a lot of really active people, this can be difficult! You know the kind of people I'm talking about, the ones who can't sit still at the movies or fidget every time you're at dinner! I know, because sometimes I'm guilty of being one of them! To people like this, a day of inactivity sounds just terrible. Luckily, just because you're having a "rest day" doesn't mean you can't do any movement at all.

 I've always liked to look at my rest day as a day to take off from intense workouts but not a day to avoid any activity in general. I've always found the rest day to be best suited for light to medium activity that's more focused on mobility/flexibility or to clear your mind in the form of playing. Some great examples of this are ...

- Gentle yoga classes (Yin or Hatha)
- Tai Chi
- Traditional Martial Arts
- Walking or Hiking
- Dancing
- Joint Mobility Techniques
- Stretching
- Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey etc. as long as they are friendly games and non competitive)
- Canoeing and Kayaking
- Stand Up Paddling
- Slack Lining
- and many more.

 These sorts of activities will allow you to include some activity into your rest day, that range anywhere from very light to the high medium range in terms of physical exertion. You'll be getting in a mini workout, while still avoiding anything too strenuous. You'll be improving your mobility, flexibility, and depending on the activity you choose you'll be working in a very functional manner that carries over into your everyday life! Just remember to choose something that is suitable to your fitness level and doesn't push you physically to the level that a planned workout would. Remember it's still your "rest" day. Just find something you enjoy and get moving!

 I suggest active rest days to all my Online Personal Training Clients and clients that I train in person. I highly recommend you give it a shot yourself!

- Tim



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Trip To The Park Plus A Workout!

 Hey Everyone!

 I know it's been a little while, but I promise I am back and I'll be continuing to post great workouts, fitness advice and much more on the regular!

 Now, we all know I love taking my workouts outside, and some of my favourite spots are jungle gyms or park pull up bars!  Regardless of where you live, with a little searching I'm sure you can find some hidden gems at local parks that can spice up your workouts! Today I'm taking you on a trip to one of my favourite spots. It's a set up pull up bars that I've actually filmed myself working on in previous videos such as this one or my triple muscle up jump!

 This spot is simple, a nice setting, a couple pull up bars, some benches and even a concrete slab to jump rope! I've put together a nice little workout for you guys to try as well at any park in your area. Check it out and let me know what you think!

- Tim