Monday, August 22, 2011

Body Weight Specialist Certification!

Challenge your fitness and push your clients to new levels anywhere, anytime, with little to no equipment! The Jungle Fit Body Weight Specialist Certification will not only teach you how to effectively use your own body weight to achieve any fitness goal, but also how to demonstrate and teach your clients how to do the same! Come learn from Canada’s leading expert in the field of body weight strength and conditioning, Jungle Fit founder, and fitness author Timothy Bell.

Here’s Just A Few Of The Highlights Featured In The Jungle Fit Body Weight Specialist Certification:

- Learn how to efficiently progress yourself or clients through hundreds of body weight progressions for pulling, pressing, pushing, squatting and lunging techniques!

- Find out the simple split second changes that make an exercise easy enough for a grandmother to perform or challenging enough to make a gymnast sweat!

- How to use joint mobility as a superior form of warm up and means of preventing injuries

- Learn how to use your own body weight as a superior form of conditioning (Excellent for MMA, Rock Climbing, Parkour etc.)

- Experience how to correctly align your joints to reduce and eliminate common over use injuries

- Learn how to promote mobility/flexibility at the same time as improving strength conditioning

- Learn how to switch up your workouts and keep your clients interested by incorporating unique total body and animal inspired movements

- Gain a large array of body weight only techniques to use by themselves or combined with other forms of training (ex. Kettlebells)

- How to use selective tension to greatly increase strength and stability during various

- Learn how to build and progress programs for any fitness goal using only body weight!

- Everyone who attends the Jungle Fit Body Weight Specialist Certification receives a copy of the Jungle Fit Ebook “The Body Weight Solution”! A $20 value FREE!

Why Train Yourself Or Others With Body Weight Training? :

- All forms of sports and athletics at their very core involve mastering the ability to control your body’s every movement

- Body weight training is safe enough to train anyone of any fitness level. By making a few small changes you can make an exercise as hard or as easy as you like!

- When you gain excess body fat your instantly penalized by reducing the amount of repetitions you can perform

- When you lose excess body fat you’re rewarded by gaining the ability to perform more repetitions of an exercise

- Instantly lower your over head cost as a new trainer! Body weight training requires very little to no equipment and can be done safely and effectively in large groups.

- All body weight exercises demand core strength and tension, developing it more effectively than just about any other form of exercise

- Body weight training develops essential athletic attributes such as balance, mobility, agility, grace and stability

- Body weight training can be used to facilitate fat loss, increase strength, gain muscle, or increase athletic conditioning.

- Body weight exercises can be easily combined with free weights to develop a unique and well rounded fitness program.

Jungle Fit strives to be the leader in body weight strength and conditioning, providing only the most up to date and proven methods of body weight training. If you’re a trainer looking to improve the quality of your services or just a fitness enthusiast looking to take your own training to new levels, then you can’t afford to miss out on the Jungle Fit Body Weight Specialist Certification! If you’re ready to learn how to take your own training and your clients to a whole new level, then we look forward to seeing you at the Jungle Fit Body Weight Specialist Certification!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tom Hardy Inspired Bane Workout!

It's that time again! There's another super hero movie in the making, and this time it's a BIG one! Next summer "The Dark Knight Rises" will open up in theatres everywhere, and one of the featured stars went through quite the body transformation. Tom Hardy, the man who will portray the villain "Bane" had to put on roughly 20lbs of muscle in a rather short amount of time. So being the comic nerd that I happen to be I decided to create a body weight only workout inspired by Tom Hardy's transformation to play Bane. This workout is designed to build muscle and increase strength, when things get to easy just add some extra weight by using a dip belt, weight vest, or perhaps a book bag! Hope you all enjoy!