Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Table Top

The table top is a great exercise for helping to reduce the effects of sitting all day. It helps open tight chest, shoulders, and hip flexors - while at the same time strengthening the glutes and scapula. It can be held for time as a static contraction, but you can also perform it for reps (much like the hip thruster) for a more dynamic exercise.

Static Contraction Workout: 

 - Perform each exercise, back to back, without rest
 - Hold each for 1 min (30 seconds per side for bird dog & side plank)
 - If you can't hold for the full 1 min, come down and rest for a second, then continue to hold until the time is up. 
 - Once you've completed the circuit, rest for 1-2 mins, repeat again 1-2 more times depending on your fitness level. 

- Bird Dog
- Plank
- Table Top 
- Side Plank

Try it out, enjoy, and let me know how it goes!

- Tim 


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Training For What?

 If you're not an athlete, move star, or a warrior then what are you training for? Everyday life. Your training must be focused on training to meet the demands of your everyday existence. 

 Training, for you, must improve your mobility, strength, and cardio - BUT it must be focused on sustainability, longevity, and strengthening your weaknesses. 

 Everyday training should be movement based, but not stunt or trick based. Movements like squats, push ups, chin ups, rows, hinging, and core specific movements have a great carry over to everyday life. They're not glamorous like stunts, but stunts/tricks have a higher degree of risk involved and less carry over into daily activities. They're specialized and specific. For everyday fitness, we need to be general. You need to be able to do many things, kind of well. 

 Train to be able to hike, carry home groceries, pick things up, and move well forever. Train for your life. 

- Tim