Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Body Weight Solution!

As some of you know I've been working on my latest project called "The Body Weight Solution" for a little while now. If you have no idea what it is that I'm talking about I'll fill you in! "The Body Weight Solution" is an e-book that will take you through the most basic body weight exercises and show you how to progress towards performing intermediate and advanced body weight training exercises. The book will has a "No Fluff" approach, meaning it's packed with information, full colour pictures, easy to understand instructions, sample workout programs, an FAQ section created by my blog/twitter/facebook followers, and much much more! This book will teach you how to master your body through all planes of motion and allow you to build a solid base using only your own body weight to achieve any fitness goal.

The book should be ready to purchase from the Jungle Fit website ( very soon, but please be patient. I want to deliver the best quality product for all of you, and every time I think it's ready to be sold, I find 5 more things I want to add, change, or switch around! But, I promise it will be well worth the wait! To keep updated on how things are coming along with the book follow me on Twitter under "JungleFit", I'm sure you can access me by simply clicking the Twitter feed on the side of this page. Or subscribe to my updates and news letters by simple e-mailing me at . Also, there are plenty of videos on the Jungle Fit youtube channel to tide you over until you are able to purchase your own copy of the book, just head to .

Thanks to everyone of you for all of your support!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jungle Fit Magazine Aug 2010 Issue!

It's that time again, that's right! Time for a new issue of the FREE online "Jungle Fit Magazine". As always the "Jungle Fit Magazine" strives to bring you the best in evolutionary fitness and health, and this months issue is no different! In the August 2010 Issue you will find loads of great stuff such as ...

- An article written by myself (Jungle Fit founder Timothy Bell) on mastering the one arm push up! It's elusive, it's tough, and its a sure test of upper body strength. Read up and learn how you too can master this technique

- A great piece written by Cornwall CrossFit's own Kyle Pichie about West Side Barbell power lifting techniques. Kyle's insights on both power lifting and Olympic lifting are deep and rewarding to read. You can feel his passion for hoisting some iron spill right out of your computer screen!

- My friend Al Kavadlo, and author of "A Zen Approach To Every Day Fitness", puts in his two cents with a very refreshing piece on bare foot running. Al's unique way of writing for the every day person is a welcome addition to the Jungle Fit Magazine!

- Taking your workouts to the next level using such great products as "Mike Mahler's Kettlebell DVD's", the fantastic "Lebert Equalizer System", or Jungle Fit's cutting edge "Online Personal Training" with Timothy Bell!

... It's going to be a great issue with tons of useful information to enrich your training and life! Remember to subscribe by simply e-mail me at!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exploring Your City

Lately I've been posting a lot on having fun with your workouts and getting creative to avoid getting bored or have stale workouts. That being said, this post will be no different! A lot of people still view working out as just another chore on their list of things to get done during the day, but it doesn't have to be this way. We can always make out workouts fun and interesting by changing up exercises, working out with a partner, changing workout locations, going outdoors, or even exploring your own city.

Let me explain.

Every city has a ton of great places to workout that have yet to be touched or used as your own personal gym. I've spoken before about the great workouts you get get done at a local jungle gym (view jungle gym workout here) but what about all the other great places in town? For example, what about your local track? You could run sprints or perform lunges/push ups on the bleachers. What about your local park? You could easily perform a great body weight workout using nothing but a picnic table, try over head pressing on end of the table, step ups on the bench, one legged squats by allowing your butt to touch the bench before standing. If you felt like getting really crazy, how about using bike racks for parallette and gymnastics training? Practice your L-sits, plaches, and much more. I've even worked on muscle ups and chin ups on construction scaffolding, maybe not the safest thing in the world and can get some construction workers a little upset with you , but I'm sure your seeing my point!

So how the heck can you put all this together into a workout? Easy!! You could, for example, walk to your local track, run 8 sets of 50-100meter sprints then rest for 5 mins and finish up with 3 sets of lunges and push ups to failure. Or how about heading to your local jungle gym and start by practicing your gymnastics work before pumping out a circuit of chin ups, push ups, step ups, squats, and rows. You could always go for a walk down town and every time you reach a bench perform 15 dips, 15 push ups, 8 one legged squats per side and continue your way down the street for a total for 20-30 mins. You might get some strange looks, but hey you're taking care of your body and looking after your health, and if that's weird then so be it! Just try to have fun with your training, it doesn't have to be a chore.
There is a world of fitness around you waiting to be explored, just open your eyes!