Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Active Rest Days For Results!

 Just like resting between sets, resting on days between workouts is important. Having days during to take time off working out is just as important as your workouts. It allows time for you to recover from your workouts and helps prevent burning out or over training. For a lot of really active people, this can be difficult! You know the kind of people I'm talking about, the ones who can't sit still at the movies or fidget every time you're at dinner! I know, because sometimes I'm guilty of being one of them! To people like this, a day of inactivity sounds just terrible. Luckily, just because you're having a "rest day" doesn't mean you can't do any movement at all.

 I've always liked to look at my rest day as a day to take off from intense workouts but not a day to avoid any activity in general. I've always found the rest day to be best suited for light to medium activity that's more focused on mobility/flexibility or to clear your mind in the form of playing. Some great examples of this are ...

- Gentle yoga classes (Yin or Hatha)
- Tai Chi
- Traditional Martial Arts
- Walking or Hiking
- Dancing
- Joint Mobility Techniques
- Stretching
- Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey etc. as long as they are friendly games and non competitive)
- Canoeing and Kayaking
- Stand Up Paddling
- Slack Lining
- and many more.

 These sorts of activities will allow you to include some activity into your rest day, that range anywhere from very light to the high medium range in terms of physical exertion. You'll be getting in a mini workout, while still avoiding anything too strenuous. You'll be improving your mobility, flexibility, and depending on the activity you choose you'll be working in a very functional manner that carries over into your everyday life! Just remember to choose something that is suitable to your fitness level and doesn't push you physically to the level that a planned workout would. Remember it's still your "rest" day. Just find something you enjoy and get moving!

 I suggest active rest days to all my Online Personal Training Clients and clients that I train in person. I highly recommend you give it a shot yourself!

- Tim