Thursday, June 16, 2016

How To Get Better At Pull Ups, When You Can't Do Pull Ups

 My article for "Whole Life Challenge" is up, and it's a great one for those of you who can't perform a chin up/pull up yet. I'll teach you "The Dead Mans Crawl", how to do it, how it can improve your vertical pulling strength, and how to use it in a workout. Take a look here. 

- Tim 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Selfish-Unselfishness: Quit Letting Yourself Down

 We'll often do more for others, than we would ever do for ourselves. Well, most people anyways. When a friend, loved one, or family member needs something from us, when they need our help to get it done, or when they're counting on us to follow through on a commitment - we get it done. 

 Why? Because they need us, and we don't want to let them down. 

 We love them. We don't want to fail them. Even if what they need doesn't directly improve your life, or it's a mild inconvenience for you that day, you still get it done - for them. 

 Yet, when it comes to us - we let ourselves down constantly. 

How many times have you made a commitment to start eating better, lose weight, quit drinking, quit smoking, save money, leave a terrible relationship, or whatever else it may be ... only to give up and go right back to your old ways? 

 For most people, this happens time and time again; too many times to count. It can happen with large promises from time to time, or small commitments on a daily basis. Either way, we let ourselves down constantly. 

You don't often break promises to others, you follow through on your commitments for them. So why do you always break the ones you make to yourself? Why do you always let yourself down? Don't you love yourself? Aren't you deserving of your own commitment? 


Stop letting yourself down. Become selfish, in that respect. 

Follow through on the promises you make to yourself. When temptations arise, and they will, remind yourself that you can't let yourself down. Say it out loud or in your head, announce it, "I can't let myself down". 

Every single time you don't give into temptation, every time you follow through on you promise to yourself, you become stronger from the inside out. By following through with your promise to yourself, by being "selfish", you'll build a stronger, better, character. 

 By building a stronger character you'll harden your "armor",  your resolve. In turn, your willingness to do more for yourself, to be stronger for yourself, and to serve yourself in a more faithful manner, will translate into being able to do more for the ones you love. 

 Think about it. How much were you willing to do, and capable of doing, for the ones you loved previously; before you built the strength to follow through on promises to yourself. 

 You were already willing to do more for others than you would ever do for yourself, but now - you'll go that extra mile for yourself.  Think about how that translates into how far you'll go for the ones you love, now that you're stronger for yourself.

 Your ability to help others, your willingness to go the extra mile for them, to put them first, will increase by ten fold. 

 This is the idea of being selfishly-unselfish. 

- Tim