Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout!! Happy Halloween!

 Alright! With Halloween just a day away I thought it would be fun to put together a very special conditioning workout for all of you to try! So, I've created this "Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout" in hopes of getting you into the mood for some halloween festivities, and maybe to help you burn off some of those extra calories from your halloween treats! All of which I'm sure are paleo ... right? During this Zombie Survival Workout I want you to picture yourself fighting for your life as hordes of zombies make their way towards you! As you pull I want you to imagine climbing to safety, as you crawl I want you to think of making your escape from a pack of zombies, and as you slam objects I want you to envision yourself crushing zombies!  For this reason, this workout should be done as fast as possible (with excellent form of course) and with as little rest as possible. After all, you're fighting for survival here people! So if you're ready, give the Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout a try ... and also have fun!

The Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout:

 Perform 5 rounds of the following without rest (or as little as possible). Each exercises must be done in the order presented, all reps of each exercise must be completed before moving onto the next exercise. Form is paramount so make sure you're not slacking on it at all! Time yourself and attempt to beat that time on the next occasion that you perform this workout!

- 10 pull ups/chin ups OR body weight rows (climb that wall or fence)
- Bear Crawl 40 feet (duck down and keep moving so they don't see you!)
- 12 sledgehammer smashes on a tire or grass OR Medball slams (crush that zombie while it's down!)
- 2 footed standing long jump continuously for 20 feet (jump over those zombies or from roof tops)

 There you have it! The Jungle Fit Zombie Survival Workout, it's fast and fun and guaranteed to get your heart racing! I've covered most of these exercises as well as progressions to make them harder or easier in my ebooks "The Body Weight Solution" and "Ancient Training For Modern Results" so if you're having an issue with them just reference those books and you'll be golden! Until next time, have a great Halloween and take care!

 - Tim


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