Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to The Future

Just an extention on the last post "Top Exercises You Should Be Doing!". In that last blog we touched on functional fitness and how it will improve your over all fitness. Today functional exercises, kettlebells, and suspension training seem to be a growing trend in the fitness world. Many people are promoting them as "the new hot thing" that will get you results fast. There are a number of "professionals" claiming that they have brought kettlebells into the picture or that its something mysterious.
It's true to some point. Kettlebells, bodyweight training, suspension training will all get you much better results then any machine. However, all of these things are NOT new! They are some of the oldest training tools around and there is nothing mysterious about them. Old strong men worked with kettlebells and barbells all the time. Gymnasts are among the strongest athletes in the world with some of the best physiques and they use suspension training and bodyweight resistance every day!
The gyms of the future will all be functional! Gyms will move away from machines and more towards pull up bars, suspesion training, kettlebells etc. Infact the gym of the future is actually the gym of the past (check the picture above). This is a good thing, this is what we all need, this is how everyone will get into shape and stay that way into their old age.
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