Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Real Deal With Infomercial CRAP!

Ah Sunday! My day off, no training, no boot camps, just time to enjoy my day. I really would be relaxed today however,right now as I sit here, my T.V. is on and slamming me with infomercials. One after the other telling me how their new product or pill will make me lose weight and get sexy toned abs with almost no effort at all! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am so tired of seeing these insane products claiming that they will turn your body from a lump of cookie dough into into a sculpted greek god/goddess!

It's all a ton of bull, wake up everyone! These people are getting rich off of hard working people's insecurities and lack of fitness knowledge and know how. There is NO MAGIC PILL, there is NO MAGIC EXERCISE OR MACHINE! If there was some pill or machine, then don't you think we would all be walking around looking like fitness models? Also, if there was something magic out there to change your body in a matter of days, then personal trainers like me would be out of a job.

Hmmmmmmmm, so if personal trainers would be out of a job if these machines or pills worked so well, then why is the personal training industry still booming? Nothing will ever replace a well thought out workout program and a solid nutrition plan. Lets be real here, if you take a moment to watch any of these informercials, all of these products come with a nutrition plan as well as a cardio workout. They make you pay through the roof for some dopy looking product claiming that it will make you shed pounds and inches, when it's actually thanks to the diet and cardio!

Diet and cardio will only get you so far before you level off and need a change, where is the resistance training to build new muscle and stimulate your metabolism? If you what to see results then start watching what you put in your mouth, don't skip workouts, and if you feel like you need some motivation or a little help then hire a quality trainer. Don't get sucked into this gimmic crap, the people on T.V. using the machine/pills are fitness models. They didn't get that way from what ever product they are selling, they did it with hard work, and genetics.

A quality trainer is worth the the money you pay. A good trainer will deliver results, Jungle Fit -Personal Training is real and always delivers results. There is no crazy sales pitch or stupid machine, just natural/functional fitness and hard work! So if you are ready to actually see real results then stop watching those infomercials and praying for a pill/machine to change your life. You have only one body and one life, and in order to live it to the fullest you need a healthy mind and body. Give your self the best gift you can, the gift of health and fitness. So if you are ready to change your life then check out and get started on the body and life you deserve!

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