Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eat Like A Caveman

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great long weekend! I'm sure it was filled with friends, family, and unfortunately some poor choices of food! So I thought that I would touch on a subject that I get asked about all the time, food. People are always wondering "what should I eat?" or "how much should I eat?" and one of the most popular, " what do you eat?". Well ladies and gents eating right doesn't have to be hard, infact it's very, very simple. To eat right just eat like a caveman!

Now I am sure all of you are scratching your heads wondering what the heck that means! I don't mean run outside and club some wild animal and drag it home to cook over a live fire, I am talking about the paleo way of eating or a caveman style diet. The paleo (or caveman) way of eating is centered around lean meats, veggies, fruits, seeds, berries and nuts. This way of eating also cuts out dairy, grains, beans, and potatoes because in their raw uncooked form they would be poisonous to your body. So without making things complicated, eat what a caveman would eat, they had animals to eat (meat), veggies (mainly root based), fruits when they could find them, and nuts and seeds. They would not have had the means to cook or creat breads from grain, or cook potatoes and beans.

It is NOT dangerous to cut beans, grain, and potatoes. We have been evolving for over millions of years, and we have only been farming for 10 thousand. Infact, after we all started eating diets high in grains and processed foods things like diseases and obesity in the general population grew off the charts! Infact the "Canadian Food Guide" will do more for promoting disease than it will to promote good health! Click here for a little video on the paleo diet, it will help clear up a lot of questions you may have about this great way of eating. Click here for an in depth article on the paleo diet written by a doctor.

As I tell everyone who trains with Jungle Fit, if you want to see a change then workout, if you want to see a huge change then workout and change your eating habits! Your diet is 70% of what will get you the body you want. Not only that but it will improve your health leaps and bounds! Eat 5-6 times per day, breakfast, lunch and supper with small snacks inbetween each meal. If you want a challenge, try the paleo way of eating for 2 weeks, take your measurments before and after. If you don't cheat and follow this way of eating, avoid fruit juice, soda, and alcohol and drink tons of water! I promise that you will see some amazing results! I use this style of eating and have had great results in every aspect of my fitness and well being.

Jungle Fit is all about natural training and functional fitness, the paleo diet goes hand in hand with the fitness side of training. With Jungle Fit - Personal Training we guarantee you will lose 5-15lbs in 2 months naturally. Contact Tim at www.jungle-fit.weebly.com and get started on the track to the life you want and the body you deserve!

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