Thursday, March 24, 2016

Build A Sustainable Diet With The "3 Day Method"


 When it comes to training, it's never the workouts that are difficult for people. I don't mean that the workouts aren't difficult, challenging, or even exhausting - what I mean is it's not hard for most people to dedicate their time to working out.  

 When people hire a coach, they set the dates for working out and they show up. It's rare that I have a client that cancels regularly. Yeah, people like to "complain" about how you kicked their butt, made them sore, and made walking up and down steps the next day their worse enemy - but really, they don't mind. 

 They knew what they were getting into when they signed up for one on one coaching. They knew it would involve setting times to workout. They knew they would be challenged. They knew they were going to be sore. In fact, if they're not feeling challenged, sore, and like they've worked out - then they'll question the effectiveness of their training.

 Nope, the training is almost never the hard part for people. When people come to me for training (or any other coach) they're prepared to workout. But, they're not always prepared to overhaul their nutrition. 

90% of new trainee's have serious hang ups about their food. 

 Ok, I know 90% may seem like a high number - but I'm not kidding. Shit, it might even be more along the lines of 95% in my experience. It doesn't matter what the percentage is, the bottom line is that almost everyone has trouble when it comes to changing how they eat. Excuses are common, and my answers are to the point. 

They think they're eating alright, they think they don't need to change their diet. 
They're not. If they were eating alright, then you wouldn't be overweight. 

They think if they cut out excess grains, dairy, and starches that they'll be left with nothing to eat.
They won't, they just need to learn how to not eat like a rabbit on their new diet. There's plenty of websites, blogs, and books full of ideas. 

They travel a lot for work or during they day, there for they can't get to healthy food.
Bull shit. Healthy food is everywhere - they're just being lazy & not planning. Eating well, on the go, requires a little planning. Pack food, make trail mixes, remember restaurants with options you can eat. 

They don't want to give up their daily muffin, bag of chips, or bottle of coke.
Grow up. Treats are earned. They need to eat like an adult and take responsibility for what they're putting in their mouth if they want to change their body. 

 I don't have time for excuses. But I do have time for actual problems. I want to talk about the number one problem new clients run into when dealing with their nutrition. What is it? 

The #1 problem new trainees face with their nutrition is over commitment, leading to binge eating, then quitting their diet all together. 

This is all too common. They pay for training, show up to the workouts, get their nutrition plan and dive in fully! They go out, buy all the right food, read all the blogs, try all the recipes, and start losing weight. But something happens ... 

 They spent 1-2 weeks (or more) eating clean, but they start missing the food that doesn't fit into their new diet guidelines. They try to fight the urge to "cheat" on their diet - and they're successful for a while. 

 But eventually they cave and binge on junk food for 2-3 days. When it's all done, they feel like shit and they're often left feeling like this new diet isn't going to work. They don't feel like it's sustainable. Then they end up quitting all together - now this diet is just another that didn't work for them. It's another one to add to the list when they tell friends "they've tried everything" to lose weight and nothing works. 

But they're wrong. 

The diet does work - they're approach was too "gung ho" for a beginner. 

The key to developing a way of eating, that lasts for life, is to create habits. Habits are built over time, slowly. This is where I like to introduce new clients to my "3 Day Method" when they're changing their nutrition. 

The "3 Day Method" For Building Sustainable Eating Habits 

The "3 Day Method" is easy to follow, designed to build lasting habits, and it's flexible for individuals. Here's how the "3 Day Method" works ... 

- Each phase lasts 2 to 4 weeks (depends on the individual). Each person will become comfortable eating within their dietary guidelines at a different rate. When you become comfortable with the first phase, you'll move onto the second phase. When you become comfortable with the second phase, you'll move onto the third phase. 

- It doesn't matter what your cheat meal is - just let it be something you enjoy. 

First phase: 

- You'll eat within your dietary guidelines 100% for 3 days straight. NO CHEATING. 
- The 4th day you can eat a meal that doesn't fit into your guidelines. 
- Keep eating in this pattern

Second phase: 

- You'll eat within your dietary guidelines for 4 days straight. 
- The 5th day you can eat a cheat meal that doesn't fit into your dietary guidelines. 
- Keep eating in this pattern

Third phase: 

- You'll eat within your dietary guidelines for 5 days straight.
- The 6th day you can eat a cheat meal that doesn't fit into your dietary guidelines.
- Keep eating in this pattern.

 That's it! It's easy to follow and gives you time to build up to eating clean for longer stretches of time. The "3 Day Method" is great for improving your eating habits while avoiding burn out. This way you'll do away with binge eating and finally have a diet that works for you. 

 - Tim 


  1. So the individual dietary plans are those which we would follow to lose 1-3 lbs per week? Like the plans off of one of the fitness websites?

    1. Hey Mee,

      Individual diet plans, that I work on with my clients, vary from person to person. Their likes/dislikes, personal view points on food, stress, allergies, and more are all taken into account.

      This is just a generalized idea for those who struggle with being

      There's no magic when it comes to food. Eat real food, the majority of the time, pay attention to how it makes you feel, and if you're losing or gaining weight. Adjust where necessary.

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