Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Chin Up Bars - They're Everywhere

 The common excuse, "I couldn't do the chin ups because I don't have a chin up bar", it's something I hear all the time when programming chin ups for clients. 

 Really? You couldn't find a chin up bar? 

 Buying a door way chin up bar costs around $30, it's not crazy expensive. Buying a set of gymnastics rings is around $30-$50, also not going to break the bank. But I get it, maybe the budget just didn't allow for you to buy one this week, or this month. That's ok ... but don't tell me you couldn't find a chin up bar. 

 They're literally all around you! 

 Here's a list of things I've used as a chin up bar - you can use them too ... 

- Soccer nets
- Tree branches
- Jungle gyms 
- Street light polls
- Door frames 
- Elevator door frames
- Bathroom stalls 
- Wall ledges 
- Open doors (with a wedge shoved under the door to prevent it from ripping off the wall) 
- and more 

 Get out there and get training your chin ups and pull ups. Minimalist training allows you to make use of everyday objects in order to enhance your training, as long as you open your mind. 

- Tim 

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