Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is Eating Gluten Free Making You Fat?

 Gluten is a protein found in most grains that give grain products that chewy and satisfying consistency. Taking on a gluten free diet is popular at the moment for a variety of reasons. The main reason people eliminate gluten from their diet is for digestive and allergic reasons. Lately it seems like everyone and their mother is gluten intolerant! Weather or not all the people who are adopting a gluten free diet are actually gluten intolerant, or just jumping on the band wagon, is an argument for another day! 

 The second reason a lot of people are adopting a gluten free diet is because they believe it will help them lose weight. While it can be effective for helping you lose weight to adopt a gluten free diet, you'll only lose the weight if you're eating the right gluten free foods. If you're not eating the right gluten free foods, it's a recipe for disaster and weight gain! Check out the video above for more details! 

- Tim 

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