Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Mistake Keeping You From Gaining Real Strength


 There are some big mistakes I see regularly when people are working out. One of the biggest ones is actually a simple fix. This one mistake, even though it's a simple fix, is keeping you from gaining strength, mobility, and lean muscle. This one mistake is called "Half Repping".

 This is actually just the act of not using the full range of motion that the exercise requires. Without performing the full range of the exercise you're cheating yourself out of results and gains. The main causes for "Half Repping" is usually ego based. It most likely stems from using a weight that's too heavy or performing a bodyweight movement that's too difficult for you at the moment.

 If you avoid "Half Repping" by reducing the weight or using a less advanced body weight progression, you'll be doing yourself a favour. You'll instantly notice an increase in the quality of the workout and start to notice steady gains in strength, mobility, and lean muscle. In the video above I go through what "Half Repping" looks like, why you should avoid it, and even how you can use it to your advantage during workouts. That's right, there is a time and a place for "Half Repping". Check out the video above and let me know what you think!

- Tim



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