Saturday, July 5, 2014

How To Buy Grass Fed Butter In Canada

 I love butter, and grass fed butter (butter from organic, pasture raised cows) is the best. There's a ton of benefits associated with eating high quality butter, I've wrote about them before (click here).  

 Recently I was contacted through email by a man named Jordan. He was wondering where I picked up my grass fed butter, as it's illegal to sell here in Canada. I told him I purchase "Organic Meadows" butter, they claim their butter is almost 100% grass fed during the warmer weather here in Canada. Jordan decided to dive a little deeper by emailing the company "Organic Meadows", asking just how he can make sure the butter he buys is actually grass fed and not from the winter season. Here's their response ... 
"The best way to look for grass fed butter is to check the production date stamped on one of the sides of the butter packaging, located on the first row.

The cows have been on pasture since approx. May 1st. (this year it was a bit later because of the cold spring). Any number from 121 on will be pasture fed butter. Here is how to read the production date:
C12114 - C stands for cultured (S if it were salted) - 121 is the 121st. day of the year which is May 1st. and 14 is the year.
Any number from 121 to approx. 305 (which is November 1st.) is butter from pasture fed.
We actually have added ‘pasture butter’ stamped on our packaging, which will be on the grocery shelves any day now and for a limited time only."

 There you have it! Follow those directions and you can make sure you'll be getting the best quality butter in your diet every time. Thanks Jordan! 

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