Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Around The World Workout!

I've always thought that the best exercises are the ones that improve your body/fitness on multiple levels. A technique will improve functional strength, mobility, and coordination/balance is far superior for real life fitness (in most situations) than a technique that only focuses on one aspect. So with this being said, I thought I would put together a workout that combines some of my favourite exercises for improving your strength, mobility, balance, and conditioning. I like to call this workout the "Around The World Workout".

Around the world techniques usually involve moving your body weight in a circular motion, like you're going "around the world". There are a lot of exercises that this technique can be applied to, however they tend to be a little advanced. There are multiple ways to progress towards performing the techniques used in the "Around The World Workout", most of which I've talked about before on the blog as well as outlined in the "Body Weight Solution" ebook.

The workout consists of 3 exercises, the around the world pull up, around the world push ups, and around the world squats. Around the world pull ups are an excellent upper body strength conditioning exercise, if you're a grappler or climber than these will greatly enhance your performance due to the unique shifting of your weight from side to side. Around the world push ups are excellent for improving strength imbalances you may have in one arm, something that is difficult to improve by only performing regular push ups. Around the world squats are an outstanding way to improve your flexibility, knee/hip mobility, and single leg pushing strength. On top of all that, each exercise is a fun new way to challenge yourself and improve multiple aspects of your fitness!

Check out the video above to see each technique and how the workout is put together. Enjoy your trip around the world!

- Timothy Bell PTS

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