Monday, December 6, 2010

Assisted Pull Ups!

Pull ups are one of my favourite exercises, and one of the best upper body strength and conditioning tools. However, they can be quite the challenge for most people to work towards performing. There are a multitude of ways to work towards achieving your first pull up, a bunch of which I have outlined in my book "The Body Weight Solution". When working with a partner or trainer, they might assist you by placing their hands on your lower back, pushing you up lightly reducing the amount of weight your pulling. Getting proficient at body weight rows of all kinds will also help prepare your body to start attacking the chin up or pull up. But what if you want to start performing pull ups right now, all alone? What if you're not strong enough to perform them without any help??


Try using a resistance band to take some of the pressure off and help you chin that bar! Simply loop the band through the handles over the bar and secure it tightly. Be sure to use a strong quality band that shows no signs of wear and tear. Then place your knee through the loop and BAM! You now have an instant spotter to help you get up and over that bar. Using a band with greater tension will reduce the amount of body weight you're pulling, using a band with less tension will force you to lift more weight. It's that simple, and you can pick up quality resistance bands from just about any fitness store. Now enjoy the video at the top to learn how to set up the band and start performing chin ups or pull ups today!

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