Thursday, October 14, 2010

The October Issue Of Jungle Fit Magazine!

The October issue of the FREE Jungle Fit Magazine will be available shortly at This issue includes contributions by myself (Timothy Bell Jungle Fit founder) as well as ...

- The always excellent Dr. Peter Pain, Kingston Ontario's top chiropractor and the founder of "The Live Well Centre". Dr. Pain drops by and leaves us with a great article on how to move well and stay well for life!

- Al Kavadlo, the author of "A Zen Approach To Every Day Fitness", weighs in with a great motivational article that is bound to get you excited to take on any goals you might have!

... As for myself, I've written a piece on 2 excellent exercises to regain or maintain mobility and functional strength. Yes, it also includes a free workout involving the 2 exercises described in the article! So be sure to head to and down load your copy today!

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