Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wrist Pain Free Push Ups!

 Pain in your wrists during push ups? Don't worry! It's a common problem. I've worked with countless clients who've experienced the same issue and we're able to relieve it simply, and quickly, by making some slight form adjustments. Assuming you don't have any serious joint injuries or wrist injuries, these adjustments might be able to help you even if you have weak wrists or minor injuries. Now, lets take a look.

 1.) Stop Leaning Too Far Forward: 
 If you're leaning too far forward during your push ups you'll be hyper extending your wrists and putting extra pressure on the joint. This can cause stress and strain. If you're forearms aren't particularly flexible it can cause pain all the way up through your forearms. As you move down through the push up the pressure will increase and make the strain worse! A simple way to fix this issue is just reduce the amount you're leaning forward. The correct position is to have your shoulder inline with your wrist joint, and avoid having the shoulder ahead of the wrist joint. This should alleviate the issue but if it doesn't ...

2.) Use Push Up Handles Or Perform Push Ups On Your Fists:
 Some people still have pain through their wrists even when their perfectly aligned and not leaning forward.  Performing your push ups while holding onto push up handles or performing push ups on your fists, is a simple fix that works for most people with this issue. By holding on to push up handles or using your fists, you'll eliminate having to flex your wrists at all and place the wrist in a "stacked" and strong position.

 For more details, check out the video above and get on your way to performing push ups without the wrist pain!

- Tim 

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