Sunday, June 27, 2010

Having Fun With Body Weight Training

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It's so important to get some play time into your adult life! I can't stress that enough, or maybe I should use a different word than stress when talking about play! After all avoiding stress is the big point of playing isn't it? Now I know that you're all very, very busy people ... shucks aren't we all!? Some of you find it tough just to fit your workout into your busy day of work and family life let alone find some time for yourself to just get out and play. So why not try and look at your workout as something fun rather than work? Why not try to integrate some play into your fitness routine?

Stay with me here, I'm by no means saying that you should take your workouts easy ... that would defeat the purpose of always giving it your best or steadily progressing. What I am saying is try and get creative, this is especially easy to do with your body weight training! Grab a friend and head down to the local park and try to out do each other on the number of push up/pull up reps you can each get! Or how about turning it into a game of who can do the most advanced pull up or push up technique. For example, wide grip chins beat regular chin up ... or divebomber push up beats Hindu push up! There are a ton of options with friends around and it can be one heck of a workout when you're pushing to out perform one another ... a little friendly competition in the name of fun!

What if you train alone? Easy! Set some challenges for yourself, like trying to get the most amount of push ups you can pump out in one min , then rest for 2 mins and try to reach that same number of reps or exceed it on each set you do! Or if you so happen to find yourself back at a local park or jungle gym (Is my love of body weight training in the outdoors showing just a little too much right here?) try to cross all the monkey bars and throw a pull up in between each and try to go back and forth as many times as you can! Heck today on my walk down town I passed under one of those make shift construction scaffolding's and what would would you know, there were about 8 bars lined up perfect for doing chin ups. That's right I did ... I busted out a ladder set of chins on each bar starting at 1 chin up on the first bar, 2 on the second, all the way to 8 on the last bar! Yes, I get weird looks some times when I'm out but hey it's all in the name of fun and fitness ... besides we're talking about play here, and I don't care what look I get ... I'm having fun!

Now maybe running around the down town streets busting out pull ups and hand stands isn't your style, but I'm sure you can find something that does make you happy! So try some new things, work towards a new goal, get together with friends and have healthy competitions ... it doesn't matter as long as your working hard, and having a ton of fun! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get moving ... with a smile on your face!

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