Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 Easy Ways To Live A Little More Jungle Fit

With all this talk all the time about lifting heavy, eating primal/paleo, running sprints, and body weight training things can get pretty serious in this blog from time to time. So lets just step back from all that in depth talk, take a big breath , and look at the life style of being Jungle Fit! After all Jungle Fit is not just a workout program, but a way of life. It's about eating how we're designed to eat, moving how we're designed to move for a better quality of life and enjoying that life to the fullest. Living Jungle Fit is an investment into your long term health and wellness, there is no short cut when it comes to your well being and why should there be when we're talking about some thing as precious as your health and body?

If you're looking to make the move and start living Jungle Fit, or you're already training with me ... then here are 10 steps to really make it a little bit more of a life style than just a training program!

1. Walk ... A LOT! : Walking, it's what we're designed to do. It's our primary mode of transportation, and a great stress reliever. Go for some hikes, takenightly walks with a loved one, or walk when ever possible where ever you go. Make time to walk, make a point of it when you have time off from work or family responsibilities. I bet you'll feel better!

2. Take A Nap: What the heck does napping have to do with Jungle Fit? Simple, it's like re-charging your batteries. Taking a nap will help you think a little clearer during the day, give you a little more energy,and besides we all love to sleep! Listen to your body, if you're tired during the day you're either over training, not eating right, or not getting enough sleep. Or a combo of all three! So nap to re-charge, even if it's only for 5 min your body will thank you.

3. Get Outside And Play: Break free from that work desk and drone like hum of your computer/T.V.! Take your dog for a walk or play Frisbee with him,or join an outdoor sports club, what ever you enjoy! We're meant to have fun and play, it's time to use our bodies for enjoyment after all that exercise (not that exercise isn't enjoyable for some). Not to mention the sun has the great gift of vitamin D!

4. BBQ: What could be more caveman than cooking meat on the BBQ? Ribs, steak, chicken, pork, veggies. I don't care what type of meat, BBQ makes everything better! Besides, even the Flinstones eat ribs.

5. Workout Outside: Again, it's all about being in the great outdoors. Get outside and train on one of the local jungle gyms, use large rocks as weights, run sprints on the beach, or use tree branches as pull up bars. One things for sure, you'll feel a whole lot more like a caveman using your surroundings in such a primal way!

6. Carry Your Groceries Home: I do this every week. We may not have to hunt our food and carry it home any more but why not get a little taste of what it's like? Head to your grocery store and buy up a good 2-3 bags of groceries and carry them home, I promise your traps will thank you in the morning!

7. Go Camping: I mean real camping, not the trailer park camp ground. Head out on a trip with some friends and build a fire, go swimming in a lake and cook food over an open flame. Nothing beats the feeling of "roughing it" in the wilderness and sleeping in a tent. There is a little something in all of us that is deeply attracted to camping in the wild.

8. Have Sex Often: Not that I have to tell you that, and not that most of you don't try at every opportunity. Sex is great for our love lives, it opens up the flow of communication, relives stress, and can be a mini workout depending on the length It's something were obviously designed to do, we all love it and want more of it! So please (responsibly!) have more sex with someone you love, have it often and enjoy ... I think it's a safe bet to say our caveman ancestors did or you wouldn't be here today!

9. Cut Out The Grains: Cavemen didn't eat them, we're not designed to eat them, you're body will change for the better without them! It's that simple.

10. Run Sprints: I love them, it's my favourite workout of the week. I love, love, love (did I say love yet) running sprints! The feeling of the wind zooming past my face, the feel of the grass between my toes, and moving so fast (well as fast as my 5"7 frame will take me) I feel like I'm The Flash! They're great for lowing your body fat, reving up your metabolism, working every muscle in your body, and you'll know what it felt like for cavemen to chase down a large animal on a hunt! Learn how to sprint, start with about 5-6 sprints of 50 merters each and work up to doing 10 - 20 sprints in total.



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