Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Don't Have To Eat Like A Rabbit!

The first wall that many people run into when they start eating a paleo/primal diet is boredom. I'm sure many of you have thought to your self "If I eat one more salad or chicken breast I'm going snap!". Well this really doesn't have to be the case ... remember that just because you've cut grains, legumes, and almost all dairy out of your diet doesn't mean that your meals have to be boring!

Everyone is different, some of you have no problem eating dry chicken breast and raw veggies each day, others might like a little more spice and variety to their meals. That's where getting creative with your food comes into play! Play around with your food (forget what mom told you when you were a kid!), try new things, think of meals you enjoy that do involve grain and see how you can make them work without any.

For example, this morning I made Jungle Fit pancakes for breakfast! They have no grains or flour in them at all. Just click this link to take a look (jungle fit pancakes video link). All they involve is 1 banana, one big spoon of almond butter, 1 large egg, 1 scoop of protein powder (optional), and a splash of coconut milk. Mash together all the ingredients until it becomes liquid and pour it into your frying pan! Once the pancakes are finished cooking you can top them with fresh berries and maybe even a little bit of natural butter. Done and done!!

Or how about just simple changes in your meals ... why not have steak and b.b.q veggies for supper now that spring is here! Throw some pork chops into a freezer bag and pour in some olive oil based salad dressing, let it marinate in your fridge all day and then b.b.q. them for delicious results! Try new types of meat such as rabbit or bison, both are an excellent alternative to chicken or beef. There are tons of ways to cook your food and endless possibilities for meals. Get those ideas flowing, try new things, buy new veggies and fruit and try some new meals ... after all you don't have to eat like a rabbit just because your eating more veggies!
Remember that April 24th at 1pm Jungle Fit will be holding a workshop on body weight training and paleo/primal nutrition at the Kingston Sustainability Centre. Make sure to bring a donation for the Sustainability Centre and tell friends and family. For more info just e-mail me at

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