Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fitness ... It's Simple!

The world of health and fitness is vast, and can be more than a little confusing some times. With all the different points of views from "experts, new videos and books being put out faster than you can blink, and a ton of fitness studios/gyms in your home town it's enough to make your head spin! Heck it can even make me want to tear my hair out from time to time! It seems that there's a new "fitness guru" pushing some training program touted as the end all be all of fat loss, and just when you think that you've got this whole fitness thing figured out another "expert" comes out with something new to throw you off your game again!

I say ENOUGH! I say enough with the new contraptions (machines are junk anyways), fad diets (the never work), and trainers eating up every new thing that comes their way and spitting it out to their clients! Fitness doesn't have to be complicated, in fact it's my personal aim to make it a simple as possible for all my clients to understand. It's Jungle Fit's goal to not just train you but to teach you how to eat, sleep, and move just like a caveman and never have weight issues ever again or the health problems that come along with them!

If I can give you the most simple advice, just forget machines and other gimmicks you see on television. Learn how to use your body as your machine, master your own body weight and you will never be in need of a gym membership ever again! Eat only real foods, if you can't kill it, pick it off a tree/vine, or rip it from the ground then don't put it in your mouth. Avoid poisonous things like junk food, fast food, alcohol, grains, beans, and keep dairy to a minimum! Last but not least, play ... I mean physically get outside and play! Do something that makes you happy, run sprints, play basketball or go for a hike!

Yes, it's that simple! No machines, no gimmicks, stupid sales pitches or pre made programs! Eat how you're designed to eat, move how you're designed to move, get lots of sleep and your body will thank you ... NO ... your body will reward you! Your body will give you a gift ... years of health, pain free movement, great sleep, and more years of active living.

It's simple, but someone needs to teach you how. Come down to the Kingston Sustainability Centre April 24th starting at 1pm to take part in the 1st ever Jungle Fit Workshop (video link for info). You'll learn a lot more about Jungle Fit and what I have to offer you, what you can learn about your self, and how to change your own life through natural fitness. After the indoor presentation we'll be heading to City Park for an Outdoor Boot Camp class. I hope to see you there, if you have questions then just e-mail me at the address found on the website .

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