Sunday, December 6, 2009

Surviving The Holidays!

It's that time of year again! Christmas cheer is in the air, we're all out getting our shopping for family and friends finished up, and everyone is counting down the days until December 25th. It's a very exciting time, for some of us it's the one time of the year where the whole family comes together! But where there's family and holidays, get togethers and parties are there too! So for those of you who have just started or have adopted a fitness/nutrition program it can be very hard to stay on track when all that food/alcohol is put in front of you daily. The last thing you want is to gain 5, 10, or 15lbs over the course of the holidays and set your health and fitness program back after all those weeks/months of hard work!

But fear not! I am here to provide you with some helpful tips on how to avoid destroying your results over the holidays.

Bring your own snacks: If you bring your own veggie plates/fruit bowls to the party then you have no excuse to not eat well. Every holiday get together always has plenty of chips and dip or deep fried snack plates, and when you haven't eaten all day then you are just asking to cheat on your nutrition plan! Provide your own healthy options and you will never have any reason to stray.

Avoid Excess Alcohol: Alcohol, ohhhhhh boy! This one has to be the hardest one for almost everyone. During the holidays there is always wine flowing, beers in every fridge, and plenty of rum or what ever else you like. I am not saying don't enjoy a drink with the family, but you need to know that alcohol (especially when mixed with juices/soda) is exceptionally high in calories. It is the easiest way to destroy your diet and gain extra pounds. We also tend to make very poor food choices when intoxicated, making alcohol the "gateway" to poor food choices.

Keep Up Your Workout Program: Yes your holidays are a break, a break from work and daily stress. However, it is not and should never be a break from your workout! Take your workout with you, body weight exercise can be done anywhere at any time. If you can workout 3 days a week for 20 mins, that's all you need to maintain your fitness! If you are unsure of what to do then ask your trainer for a home program you can follow for a week. Push ups, lunges, squats, dips, planks, chin ups and burpees are a great base to start with and you can even get creative with them.

Don't Over Eat: I know Christmas dinner only happens once a year, but that doesn't give you a reason to eat until you feel like you'll burst! Be sensible people, eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed!

Avoid Desert: Oh desert, the meal we eat after we have already eaten! Such a gluttonous thing to do! Avoid this sugary lump of junk, or limit yourself to one small portion.

... Now, these are just a few simple tips. If you use common sense, avoid junk food, and continue to workout then you should be fine for a week or two. As soon as the holidays are over make sure to get right back into your regular fitness/nutrition routine and work hard!


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