Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Workout Of The Stars

If you have kept up with action movies the past few years then you may have noticed a trend in the look of your favourite actors bodies. Many of them are getting into outstanding shape and transforming their bodies in a matter of months to prepare for a role. In case you have been living in a cave the past 5 years then let me hi-light some movies for you such as 300, Casino Royal, Blade 3, Wolverine, and the soon to be released Ninja Assassin. In each of these films the star, or in some cases the whole cast, has had nothing short of stellar physiques. What's their secret you might ask? Simple! Hard work, high intensity training, and a natural diet.

It's nothing new, it's what produces that lean athletic look in a short amount of time and there are videos to prove this point (click here for a link to a video about how the actors trained for the movie "300")(Click here for a video on how Rain trained for his role in "Ninja Assassin"). The secrets of the stars are not so secret, it's just that people are always looking for an easy way out. No one wants to hear that the people in the movies are just like you and me and that they worked hard to get that body. No one wants to hear that they eat like a saint and avoided all that deep fried junk at the local bar. Everyone wants to hear that they took some special pill or did some long lost exercise that changed them in a matter of weeks.

Well everyone it's not magic, there is no pill or long lost exercise ... just hard work and dedication. Now even though the movies mentioned above consist of mainly a male cast, the benefits for women going through the same style of training will be the same. Everyone will get stronger, leaner, more toned, and have more energy when they perform high intensity training. It's what I practice, and it's what I have been teaching for years. You'll see in the videos above that they are training with kettlebells, body weight, and compound movements ... things that we use each and every day at Jungle Fit - Personal Training. So there you have it, the "secret workout of the stars" ... not so mysterious after all! If you want to have results like you have been seeing in films then give Jungle Fit - Personal Training a try. You have nothing to lose except the weight!

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