Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Movement Is More Than Crawling & Handstands

 The popularity of "movement" based training is building by the day. More and more people are becoming interested in how to effectively move their bodies - this is a step in the right direction. The majority of people (unless your a bodybuilder/ figure competitor) need to move away from isolating muscle groups in their training. 

 Your body doesn't isolate muscles during your daily movement through your life. Your whole body works as one giant unit - pushing and pulling as a team and hardly ever in isolation. This is where I love movement training as a concept. 

 The problem I have with most "movement" based training is that it seems to be mostly pitched to the general public as "how to crawl around" or "how to handstand". Most of the #Movement that you find on Instagram are just people crawling or performing handstands. 

 What people must understand is that movement training is much more than that. 

Movement training is also about ... 

- Improving mobility in functional and reasonable ranges of motion that are used daily 
- Increasing efficiency in the basic human movements and learning how to link them effectively
- Working on weaknesses that hold your body back from a high level of function 
- Balancing your bodies posture and gate 
- Training in new and fun ways to move your body to keep it learning (martial arts, dance, juggling etc.)

Before you worry about learning how to lizard crawl, press to handstand, or chicken wing yourself from gymnastics rings - base your training on improving your actual daily movement. That other stuff is fancy and cool, but it's not the heart of your movement as a human. 

- Tim


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