Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Fast 50 Workout!!

The "Fast 50 Workout" is something I came up with the other day when looking to get a solid, well rounded, total body workout in a short period of time. It involves only 3 exercises but smashes every muscle in the body through large movements and full ranges of motion. If your looking for a fast and intense workout that can be completed in very little time, then this one should peak your interest. It also involves only one piece of equipment "The Jungle Gym", it's one of my favourite pieces of equipment and has multiple uses within your strength and conditioning routine.

The whole workout is made up of suspended tuck knee push ups, low body weight rows, and assisted pistol squats. You start the workout with suspended tuck knee push ups. The goal is to perform 50 suspended tuck knee push ups in total. You do as many as possible until you fail out, then move to your rows and perform as many rows as you did push ups, then move to the assisted pistol squats and perform 10 per leg alternating legs each time. Then without any rest move onto the tuck knee push ups again etc.

Again, you want to perform 50 total suspended tuck knee push ups, so in the first round lets say you hit 20 push ups, then you would perform 20 rows, and 10 single leg squats per leg. Then lets say in the second round you performed 5 push ups, then you would perform 5 rows, and 10 single leg squats per leg. So in those two rounds you've performed 25 reps of push ups, so you're half way there. All you have to do is try to complete the workout as fast as possible with perfect form.

I hope you guys enjoy this workout, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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