Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pushing Your Limits!

Results! It's what we're all after, it's what most of you dream about. Heck, some of you want it so bad you can taste it! You show up to all your workouts and get them done, and you try to watch everything you eat ... so why are you having such trouble getting to your fitness goals? If this sounds a little like you, then it might be time to take a good look at what you're doing ... or rather what you're NOT doing!
It's great that you have made that commitment to workout, I don't care if it's in a group, with a trainer, or at home. Whatever it takes to get you moving ... but just doing something is not enough! You must pour every ounce you have into your workouts! I mean push your self to the limit each and every time that you workout ... it's not called a workout for nothing! If you're not at least a little nervous before you workout, then it might not be hard enough!

All I can tell you is push, push, and push some more! Challenge yourself and come out on top, it's always a great feeling to finish a workout with a faster time then before or to lift a heavier weight. Remember that this applies to your diet as well guys!

Training is only one half of the equation, actually even less than half! Diet is whats going to get you those results that you are really looking for. If you're putting crap into your body, then you're just going to get crap for results! Eat clean, eat paleo and workout REALLY HARD! The results will come in time and your body will work better than ever before. Cut the grains, cut the dairy, cut the junk food, and watch your body change!

So the next time you walk into your gym, training studio, outdoor park, basement gym, or where ever you choose to workout make sure you leave it all on the line! Push yourself until you feel like you have nothing left, and you know what you will find? You'll find that little bit more that you didn't know you had ... and that's where excellence lives. That's where results are found!

You have the power!

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