Saturday, January 2, 2010

Push Ups ... Ask Your Doctor If They're Right For You!

Flick on your T.V. right now! Okay, are you watching it? Good, skip through a few channels ... did you see it? I'm willing to bet you did!

I'm talking about drug commercials ... you know the ones that show a bunch of happy people running in fields of flowers or playing catch with their kids while they tell you about some new prescription drug. Then right before the commercial ends it rambles off on the laundry list of side effects that seem WAY worse than the "condition" they are designed to treat!

And doesn't it seem that every day there's a new pill to "treat" your specific "symptom". I know that we all make fun of these commercials, but have you ever really wondered why there are so many of them? Why there are new ones every day, or why they have that crazy list of side effects attached to them?

Well the answer is simple ... MONEY! That's right people its all about the money. And any smart business knows that the money comes from repeat customers. People who come back for more of the product they are selling. As we know, the drug companies sell pills.

So lets take a look at how they make their money. If they make pills that treat a certain symptom and when you stop taking that pill your symptoms come back, then you'll continue to take that pill until the day you die. This is what I like to call masking a problem ... it doesn't actually cure your or solve your problem , it just hides the problem enough to live with. So now that you're hooked on this medication you start having side effects. Now not only do you have to take a pill for one condition, you have a whole other problem that needs to be addressed! So you head to your doctor and they prescribe you another pill to treat the side effect.

As you can see its one heck of a vicious circle! However, the drug companies don't view it that way, they see it as money. Money to pay their bills, buy their food, drive their cars etc. Simply put, if everyone was healthy all the time ... then the drug companies would be out of business.

What they don't want you to know is that most health problems can be solved and prevented with correct diet and exercise alone! But their is no money for them if they tell you how a paleo diet can solve type 2 diabetes in 2-3 weeks. There is no money in letting people who are hooked on anti depressants know that exercise alone is more effective for fighting depression then the pill they are on. Most anti depressants do nothing for the average person, and in fact can heighten mood swings and suicidal thoughts! Their is no money in them telling you how nutrition and exercise can solve/prevent conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, colitis, obesity, osteoporosis etc.

Look, I could go on and on about this all day, but lets get to the point shall we! Health is all about preventing decease and health complications. If we all eat a paleo diet (full of fresh real fruits/veggies, meats, nuts/seeds/ and water), worked out hard, took our vitamins, and got some good sleep ... then we wouldn't be so sick. Also, there would be a hell of a lot less commercials on T.V. asking me to call my doctor and ask if this pill is right for me!

Long story short, push ups and broccoli are the new Prozac!


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