Friday, August 28, 2015

Paleo Cacao Nib & Date Cereal!

 This might just be my new favourite breakfast ... or one of my favourites of all time. I'm not even over hyping this, it just might be your new favourite too. 

Said in my best Ron Burgundy "question" voice: This paleo cereal is so easy ... a caveman could do it? Yes, the pun was intended - bite me.

 This breakfast can be thrown together in seconds, no real need for measuring cups. I know I didn't use them! I guess it goes without saying, this recipe is going to be a little loose with the measurements. I was just too excited to get it out to you, I couldn't bother with the measurements. 

Anyways ... make it, love it, tell your family and friends! 

Here's What You'll Need:

- Dry dates 
- Pecans (crushed or whole)
- Cacao nibs
- Almond milk or coconut milk 

Here's How To Put It Together:

- Grab a hand full of pecans and place them in a bowl
- Cut up 6 pitted dates (or more) and throw them on top of your pecans
- Sprinkle a liberal amount of cacao nibs on top of your pecans and dates
- Top with almond or coconut milk, stir everything 
- Eat and have your mind blown away

 Thank me when you're done! 

- Tim 


  1. Do you mind if I use this recipe on my own blog at ?

  2. Hey Johannes, yes please feel free to do that. But, just give a link back to my blog please =)

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