Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Explosive Body Weight Conditioning!

Here's a great body weight only explosive conditioning workout. This one is very intense and a little advanced, so if you're new to training take it easy. If you're not quite ready to perform plyo push ups, lunges, or full burpees then just use regular push ups or lunges to start. For help with burpees just check out this blog post with a video on burpee progressions! If you don't have an Equalizer Total Body Strengthening System (the yellow bars in the video) then you can use gym rings for the rows, and lay down tires/sticks/agility ladder for the hurdles. This workout is great for boosting your conditioning to a new level, it's very athletic and very taxing on your metabolic pathways. Try to get through each circuit as fast as possible using correct technique. No rest between the exercises! Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Your workouts are so inspiring! I don't think im ready to do the plyo style ones but I am going to try this workout tonight with just regular pushups and such. Keep the videos coming I love to watch them for motivation.

  2. Thanks a lot Fern,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video, and I will keep them coming lol. After you try the workout let me know how it goes! Try regular or t-push ups instead of plyo push ups, and regular lunges or stationary plyo lunges instead of the plyo split lunges.