Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Is Here!

That's right everyone it's that time of year again! It's getting a little colder outside, the leaves are starting to change, fall is in the air ... and with fall comes Thanksgiving. Well, for those of you who are living in Canada anyways! Lucky for us Thanksgiving is one of the easiest holidays to eat almost on point with a paleo diet. But, lets be realistic here! I know that you'll all be eating what's considered paleo such as turkey, veggies, cranberries etc. but I also know that you'll all be eating stuffing, pie, potatoes, corn, warm fresh home made baking ... you get the point.

Now let me tell you that every now and then there's nothing wrong with treating yourself, especially when it comes once a year. I know that I will be! The problem is not treating yourself ... the problem is moderation! A lot of us dive into Thanksgiving like it's the last time we'll ever eat, and we don't make it one night, we make a whole weekend out of it! The key is moderation, leave it to one meal, not the whole weekend. Try to stick to the healthier paleo options that are on your table, and allow yourself a small amount of the not so healthy stuff. I also think is goes without saying that you should STAY AWAY FROM SECONDS OF ANYTHING NOT PALEO! Yes, that includes grandmas famous pumpkin pie and moms award winning cookies!

By allowing yourself a little bit of whats' not usually on your paleo menu you won't feel deprived. And by not over eating all those terrible things, you won't feel guilty and set yourself back weeks of hard work! So please, enjoy your Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with your family in endless amounts, but enjoy the food in moderation!

Also, for those of you who are looking to work off some of those Thanksgiving weekend calories here's special Thanksgiving workout for you all! Take care, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

- Sprint 50 meters
- 10 Hindu Push Ups
- Sprint back 50 meters
- 10 deck squats (or jump squats)

that's one round, rest 1 min between rounds, repeat 5-7 times!


  1. IMO if people want to really fall off the wagon on a special occasion such as Thanksgiving, then that's their choice. Personally, I have had a history of piling all of the good things on the plate, eating very slowly and then when I am done, I don't really have room for anything else. Then I will have a piece of desert and I am finished. This year however, I made a commitment to avoid all things desert for the month, then I realized that it is time for freshly baked pies and such. So far I have stuck to my commitment and it has been quite easy thus far.

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