Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jungle Fit Magazine Aug 2010 Issue!

It's that time again, that's right! Time for a new issue of the FREE online "Jungle Fit Magazine". As always the "Jungle Fit Magazine" strives to bring you the best in evolutionary fitness and health, and this months issue is no different! In the August 2010 Issue you will find loads of great stuff such as ...

- An article written by myself (Jungle Fit founder Timothy Bell) on mastering the one arm push up! It's elusive, it's tough, and its a sure test of upper body strength. Read up and learn how you too can master this technique

- A great piece written by Cornwall CrossFit's own Kyle Pichie about West Side Barbell power lifting techniques. Kyle's insights on both power lifting and Olympic lifting are deep and rewarding to read. You can feel his passion for hoisting some iron spill right out of your computer screen!

- My friend Al Kavadlo, and author of "A Zen Approach To Every Day Fitness", puts in his two cents with a very refreshing piece on bare foot running. Al's unique way of writing for the every day person is a welcome addition to the Jungle Fit Magazine!

- Taking your workouts to the next level using such great products as "Mike Mahler's Kettlebell DVD's", the fantastic "Lebert Equalizer System", or Jungle Fit's cutting edge "Online Personal Training" with Timothy Bell!

... It's going to be a great issue with tons of useful information to enrich your training and life! Remember to subscribe by simply e-mail me at tim@jungle-fit.com!

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