Thursday, November 10, 2016

3 Huge Fitness Problems "The Ronin Method" Solves

 My upcoming ebook, The Ronin Method, well be available this Saturday, Nov 12th. It's all about essential, sustainable, minimalist fitness for the everyday person. But how does it differ from my other ebooks or other books on the market? What problems does it solve for you? Well, here are 3 huge fitness problems that I feel "The Ronin Method" solves, better than any other book on the market.

1.) Removes the need for a gym, reduces excuses, and allows you to train anywhere at anytime

 The most common excuses I hear about not following a fitness plan go something like this ...

" I can't afford a gym membership"
"I was traveling and the hotel gym sucked"
"I'm at home all the time with my kids I can't get to the gym"
"I don't like working out in a gym"
"I'm busy, all the time, and I find it hard to make time to go to the gym"

The minimalist approach taken in  "The Ronin Method" eliminates these excuses; and more. When you grab a copy of "The Ronin Method" you'll learn how to use your own bodyweight, and (if you choose) some light portable equipment, in order to get a bad ass workout - anytime, anywhere. You'll never be in need of a gym or weights ever again.

 "The Ronin Method" will also teach you how to find your own "outdoor gym" by using normal everyday objects and locations to enrich your training. You'll learn how to implement sticks and stones, park benches, trees, soccer nets, jungle gyms, picnic tables, and more as your very own FREE gym.

 You'll also learn how to develop your own "Ronin Bag", your own personal, compact, and light gym in a bag that you can take anywhere. Your "Ronin Bag" will be filled with essential, minimalist, fitness equipment that will allow you to get a world class workout, along with your bodyweight based training.

 By learning how to make use of a minimalist approach to fitness, you'll be capable of training in endless locations. This means you'll be able to train in parks, hotels, living rooms, basements, beaches, playgrounds, sports fields, and more. This makes it perfect if you're low on cash, hate working out in a gym setting, or (the big one) short on time.

 If you're short on time, the workout found in "The Ronin Method" provides you with a sensible, no nonsense, time efficient workout that can be done in under 20 minutes - right where you're standing!

Oh, and there are exercises and approaches detailed in the ebook on how to make a workout for you - regardless of your fitness level, experience,  or age. Anyone can use the workout found in "The Ronin Method".

2.) I'm stressed out all the time, working out is just another stress I can't handle 

I get it. When work, social life, relationships, or family stuff is stressing you out - working out might not be the first thing on your list. Hell, it might not even be on your list. But - stress is a bitch, one that can kill.

 While training is a physical stress on the body, it can actually help reduce mental stress - when performed in a stress conscious manner.

 "The Ronin Method" removes the need for a gym - taking away the stress associated with making the trip to the gym, parking, changing,  training, and driving back home; having even less time to do the things you love . The workout and minimalist approach to training that "The Ronin Method" utilizes allows you to train anywhere, in a very short amount of time, and delivers outstanding results. This way you get in a highly efficient, and effective, workout in hardly any time without the need for a gym.

 You'll also find a detailed guide on how to meditate, for only a few short minutes at a time, in order to improve your stress levels, mental alertness, productivity, and over all sense of well being. Mediation is a powerful tool that will help you not only feel amazing, but perform at a high level in your daily life.

 Oh, and the mediation is not just sitting there and staring off into the distance - "The Ronin Method" is designed with a workout that is actually a form of moving mediation! It will train not only your body, but also your mind; you'll get stronger inside and out through the "Ronin Workout".

3.) The Ronin Method provides you with a way to train forever

Too many training programs are designed for athletes, movie stars, or bodybuilders - but what about the everyday regular person? What about the training programs for people like you, people like me, people like your neighbour, and people like your family?

"The Ronin Method" is based around essential movements, the bare minimum I call "The 5 Elements". They're the movements you need to train, at minimum, in order to remain strong throughout your entire life - not just now in the short term. These "5 Elements" are also arranged in order of difficulty, meaning if you're strong, athletic, and young - there are movements for you. Also, if you need to get stronger, new to working out, and older - there are movements for you too.

 "The Ronin Workout" found in the ebook is also low stress, due to it being a form of moving mediation, and it's also easy on your joints. "The Ronin Workout" is designed to be challenging, improve your strength, and be very safe on your joints. If you're young and have healthy joints at the moment - you'll want to keep them that way, and "The Ronin Workout" is the way. If you're aging and you're joints aren't in the best shape - "The Ronin Workout" is one of the best training options for not aggravating them further.

 "The Ronin Method" provides a training method and workout that is suitable for anyone - period.

 I have worked very hard, and long, on "The Ronin Method". It's a product I'll stand behind, because it's the sum of years of work; that I know produces results. It's a workout method and training approach for real people. I hope you grab a copy this Saturday Nov 12, remove the shackles of needing a gym, train forever, and not just look great - but also BE great. I hope you can become a "Fitness Ronin".

- Tim 


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