Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Do Your First 10 Push Ups!

 The push up is one of the first exercises that comes to mind any time anyone thinks of bodyweight workouts. For good reason as well! It's great for improving strength in the upper body, core, and wrists. It's variations can also be used for improving mobility and flexibility. The benefits of performing push ups and their variations are many. But for those who are just starting out de-conditioned, achieving your first full "toes on the ground" push up can be a daunting task! Not to mention the thought of being able to perform your first set of 10 full "toes on the ground" push ups. If it seems like the push up is taking forever to achieve, then I have some proven Jungle Fit methods for you to try out!

 In the video above I outline some common mistakes, correct hand positions, and 4 easy steps to work towards achieving your first set of 10 full "toes on the ground push ups"! If you're having trouble getting your push ups down, or you think you might need some pointers on your form, I highly suggest checking it out!

- Tim




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