Saturday, October 19, 2013

Coffee, Butter, and Coconuts! How To Make A Cup Of Bulletproof Coffee!

 If you've been on the "up and up" in terms of paleo nutrition and fitness (if you're reading this blog I'm willing to be you are!) than I'm sure you have at least heart someone mention something about "Bulletproof Coffee". 

 Bulletproof Coffee, a name and recipe created by scientist and nutrition expert Dave Asprey. Bulletproof Coffee is loaded with healthy fats and when prepared correctly, provides you with a long lasting boost of energy that helps keep you alert and sharp all day long. Another interesting piece of information about Bulletproof Coffee is that it can actually be used to help with intermittent fasting.

 I myself start most of my days with a pretty generous cup of this excellent drink! I use it during days where I'm fasting to improve my insulin response and maintain a healthy body fat percentage, and I also use it as a nice warm wake up call to help keep me running at 100% all day. I'll admit, at first I was a little skeptical about Bulletproof Coffee. However, I was more than happy with the results. On fasted days I remained alert, not grumpy at all, and best of all I wasn't thinking about food! On regular days it pairs quite well with some eggs and veggies or bacon. You'll also notice (if made correctly) that you wont experience the nasty crash that comes with most coffee. The drink itself tastes rich and creamy and would give just about any late a run for it's money. I like to top mine off with a dash or two of cinnamon, a great antioxidant and tastes awesome. 

 Dave runs an excellent blog that can help answer a ton of questions you may have and provide you with a wealth of information not only on Bulletproff coffee, but also what Dave likes to call the Bulletproof Diet (upgraded paleo) and a host of techniques to improve your overall quality of life! You can find all of that at 

Now, just how do you create a cup of bullet proof coffee? Here's what you'll need! 

- Some organic preferably locally roasted coffee, or Dave's "Upgraded Coffee" which he sells from his website. 
- Organic grass fed unsalted butter
- Organic Coconut Oil or MCT Oil 
- A Blender 
- A Coffee Maker 

  1. Grind your coffee beans up.

  2. Brew around 2 cups of coffee.

  3. Pour your coffee into your blender or mug if you're using a hand blender.

  4. Add around 2 table spoons of grass fed organic butter to the coffee. 

  5. Add 1-2 table spoons of organic coconut oil or MCT oil to the coffee.

  6. Blend together on a low setting for around 20-30 seconds. 

  7. Grab your favourite mug, pour it in and enjoy! 

 For a little more info I highly suggest checking out this little video! Enjoy! 




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