Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anyone Can Make You Tired, Not Everyone Can Make You Better!

The health and fitness industry is booming and has been for the past couple years now. Along with this boom has come a wave of new gyms, personal trainers and "fitness experts". The fitness industry is fun, exciting, you get to help people, and it's (for the most part) easy to get into! But, for all of those reasons that many of these trainers and "experts" (however good their intentions might be) may be doing more harm to their clients than good!

 Ask almost anyone who's an avid gym goer and they'll probably tell you that they have thought of becoming a personal trainer, were once one, or are in the process of becoming one! I mean, if you're already at the gym all the time why not just make a living at it, right? Wrong!

 It takes much more that a passion for working out to be a good, let alone great, trainer or fitness coach! It takes more than taking an entry level personal training certification course for a couple weeks (or weekend!). It takes more than throwing together random workouts that just exhaust your clients. It takes more than competing in fitness/body building competitions. It takes more than knowing just how to train yourself or already fit people and trying to apply that to all your clients.

 Unfortunately, this is what you'll find in most personal trainers and so called "fitness experts" that you come across. Especially at most franchise large gyms, they are notorious for hiring under qualified personal trainers.

 You see, just because your trainer is in shape, does not make them a good trainer. Just because your exhausted after your workouts does not make your trainer a good trainer. Just because you pay a lot for your trainer, does not make them a good trainer!

But why should you care? I'll tell you why! Your trainer, and everything they tell/teach you, every movement they make you perform, everything they suggest you eat, directly effects you short and long term health and well being. Everything they do with you should be making you better not just in the short term but also in the long run.

 Any dummy can make you tired, but not everyone can make you better!

 So what should you look for in a trainer and fitness expert? What should you look for in the person you're giving your money, time, and health? Here's a check list that you're trainer should have!

- They should have multiple certifications that pertain to fitness and health. Just one  personal training certification by itself is not enough!

- They should be attending workshops, certification courses or seminars regularly to keep their knowledge up to date. Minimum 1 of these per year!

- They should be able to train anyone of any fitness level, age, weight, or experience regardless of injury or ability to help them reach their goals and improve their health.

- They should be skilled in multiple styles of training (body weight, kettlebell, powerlifting, yoga, martial arts, isolation)

- They should be able to effectively coach you on what to eat not only for weight loss but also for optimal health. And this doesn't mean they should sell you needless supplements and shakes! Their nutrition information should be up to date!

- They must be great teachers! Knowledge is not enough. They must be able to apply that knowledge to any client in a way that can be metabolized by that client so they understand it fully and can apply it! A bonus is being able to teach this through various media, such as I do with my Online Personal Training Clients or through the various videos I have on YouTube! 

- They need to be reading new blogs, books, and papers written by the leading experts in the field of health and fitness! And no Men's Health Magazine or MuscleMag don't count!

- They need to be able to explain exactly why they are making you do what you are doing and how it benefits  you. They should also be able to explain how those exercises will progress or change in the future to match your goals!

- They should be able to train you anywhere with no equipment at all and still be able to help you reach your goals (fat loss, enhanced conditioning, strength gains etc) much like I show in my various ebooks! 

- They should give you their full attention and honest opinions during every training session and never let your slack!

- They should be the living embodiment of what they preach, no exceptions!

 If your trainer doesn't do these things then it may be time to reconsider who you're dealing with! Remember its your health and life we are dealing with here, leave it in the hands of someone who deserves it!




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