Monday, November 19, 2012

Jungle Fit Music Playlist!

 Need some extra motivation to get to the gym, want to feel a little more excited just before your workout, or maybe you want a little extra push to help you get through some of those tough reps, than maybe a little music can help! I've always found music to be an excellent "supplement" to improve the quality of your workouts. Choosing music that pumps you up and focuses you on the task of attacking your workout with a high level of enthusiasm is paramount in helping you get the most out of your workout. The key is choosing music that you not only enjoy, but has a certain intensity to help get you ready for "battle"! Leave the slow songs at home, and keep it with music that's up beat and designed to make you want to move! Just choose any music that gives you this feeling and you'll be good to go.

 I get asked all the time about the music I listen to while training myself or my clients, as well as the music I feature in my YouTube videos. The truth is, it's all just music I enjoy and workout to myself. So I've put together a play list that you can all now access for your own workouts if you want to get a feel for what makes me get the most out of my Jungle Fit workouts! I'll be adding new music to this play list regularly so that you'll always have some new music to listen to while performing any of the workouts found on my YouTube channel or from my ebooks! I hope you all enjoy, and if you don't than just don't listen. Music is purely subjective, and what I like might not be right for you, and what you like might not be right for me, but I thought I would share anyways and maybe, you'll find something that moves you too! Enjoy and share if you like!

The Jungle Fit Playlist (Click Here!) 

 WARNING: It's heavy with hip hop and rap, so needless to say some of the lyrical content may not be for everyone, you have been warned!


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