Thursday, November 3, 2011

The "Immortals Workout"

The internet is buzzing with talk about what kind of workouts the actors in the upcoming "Immortals" movie did to achieve their lean physiques. It's not rocket science, they eat clean and worked out like dogs for hours each day. When they weren't in the gym they were on set training fight sequences, so all in all it ended up being around 6-8 hours of physical work per day! Now granted only around 2-3 of that may have been from actual planned gym time with a trainer, but still it's a insane amount of work!

Now, it's completely possible to achieve a lean and athletic body without killing yourself for hours on end in the gym. Remember these guys had a dead line to meet and had to look a specific way. Not to mention lighting, shading, and after effects help you look your best when on film. For most people a clean, paleo/primal diet, coupled with heavy lifting, and high intensity total body workouts will do the trick. Best of all these workouts don't have to be hours on end ... heck, they don't even have to be 30 mins!

I've put together a small sample of a workout that will help you build lean muscle and promote athletic development and you can perform it in about 30 mins or less. Remember that if you can't perform a specific technique to use a progression that is slightly less difficult. I've outlined a ton in the ebook "The Body Weight Solution" as well as on the Jungle Fit YouTube channel. Hope you guys enjoy the workout, let me know what you think!

- Tim


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