Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tom Hardy Inspired Bane Workout!

It's that time again! There's another super hero movie in the making, and this time it's a BIG one! Next summer "The Dark Knight Rises" will open up in theatres everywhere, and one of the featured stars went through quite the body transformation. Tom Hardy, the man who will portray the villain "Bane" had to put on roughly 20lbs of muscle in a rather short amount of time. So being the comic nerd that I happen to be I decided to create a body weight only workout inspired by Tom Hardy's transformation to play Bane. This workout is designed to build muscle and increase strength, when things get to easy just add some extra weight by using a dip belt, weight vest, or perhaps a book bag! Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Would you recommend this workout to a skinny 15 year old, who is just starting to workout?

  2. It wouldn't hurt you at all to be working out hard. I would suggest if you're a beginner to make sure you're focusing on correct technique. If you're not performing everything with perfect technique than injuries are going to happen! Also, super sets are a little "advanced" for someone who has just started working out, I would suggest just basic sets, and rest to start. You need to prep your body for more intense and demanding workouts. Also, set goals and be specific about them. Do you want to gain muscle mass, if so how much, or do you want to lose body fat, if so how much. Do you want to get stronger at a certain technique, or do you want to be able to perform an exercise that you have never been able to before? Those are all questions you need to think about and find an answer for.