Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Attend The Jungle Fit Work Shop?

A little bit of shameless self promotion here! As many of you know coming up very soon on April 24th at the Kingston Sustainability Centre I will be holding a Jungle Fit workshop starting at 1pm. So that might leave two big questions in your head ... what's a Jungle Fit workshop and what's in it for me?

Well, the Jungle Fit workshop will be divided into two parts, first there will be an information session describing the many facts and practices of Jungle Fit and how they can change your life. The second half will be an outdoor boot camp held at City Park. Now that we have that cleared up, what's in it for you? Well, you'll learn a whole lot and gain a more in depth look into Jungle Fit when I cover a host of topics such as ...

- Who I am and what I do
- An in depth look at the approach to fitness that is Jungle Fit
- The differences between Conventional Fitness and Jungle Fit
- How you can get faster results from body weight training that you have ever had from a gym
- An deeper look/discussion about the caveman diet
- How the Jungle Fit can teach you to maintain top level fitness and a healthy body fat level for life.
- You'll get to take part in the 1st Outdoor Boot Camp of 2010 and it's FREE!
- Most importantly it's going to be fun and you'll be donating to the Sustainability Centre

... So get your friends, family, or co workers together. Grab some shoes, water, and comfortable exercise clothing and head down to the Sustainability Centre on April 24th for a great time. For more info just e-mail me at . Hope to see you all there!

Watch the video for more details!

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