Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obesity And Choice

The motivation to write this post came from an unlikely source this time ... a television show. I recently stumbled across an episode of Dr.Phil called the "FAT" debate. The show featured a panel of celebrity trainers and on the flip side, activists for the acceptance of obese people. Each of them giving their individual opinions on the subject of living obese/over weight. Obviously, the points of views between the fitness professionals and the activists were quite different. This wasn't anything I didn't expect! What DID shocked me was the out right anger and ignorance that came from the audience ... the majority of whom were very, very over weight. Slews of insults towards were hurled at the fitness professionals, massive excuses were made for why they were all obese, and even delusional arguments about how their current weight was healthy. I have never seen so many people fail to take responsibility for where their current body composition stands.  Lets face it people, no one ... and I mean no one is born obese! There are factors that contribute to gaining weight easier than others and genetics do play a roll in how lean you can become. However, no one and I mean NO ONE needs to feel that they're stuck living a life of obesity.

Here are my thoughts on this subject. Everything you do in your life with your body is a decision. You must know that you are making a decision between staying over weight/obese or to take action and change your body/life. When you make a decision it is best to know the facts and to accept the benefits and risks. If you are obese/over weight and/or eating a poor diet you must accept the inherent risks that are involved. Just as their are risks involved with smoking, drinking, or driving without your seat belt, their are risks involved with living overweight and having a poor diet! Every day you're making a conscious decision to live with those risks of being overweight/obese and not taking action. You're accepting the risk that you may have bone/joint problems at a much younger age, you're the risk of developing things such as type 2 diabetes, hyper tension, high blood pressure, chronic lung ailments, syndrome x and much much more! Not to mention that your children will learn by example, they'll see mom or dad eating less than favorable foods and living a sedentary life style and will follow in those foot steps. You must accept the fact that you're actions may very well lead your child down a path of disease as well! You must take a good look at your life, current state of health, and body composition ... ask yourself if you are truly happy. Are you able to do all the things you would like to do in life? Are you living your life to its absolute fullest?

 I'm in NO WAY saying that we should all look the same or strive to look like fitness models!  In fact, it's unrealistic for most people to walk around with your body fat at such a low percentage, and having one that low comes with health risks as well. What I AM saying is that we all have the ability to be lean, fit, and healthy! We are all born to live a strong, lean, healthy life full of activity and joy! We should all be at a weight that we can maintain comfortably and feel good about how we look in the mirror. We are born to move with ease and grace. No one is forced to be "stuck" living in an obese body. If this feels like I'm talking about your current situation, than you need to know that no one made you this way. You need to take responsibility for your actions and life. I know it's hard to hear, but you've put yourself there through a combination of poor food choices and little to no exercise/activity.  So the question now is ... what do you want to do?

It's all about what is right for you. Look at yourself and your life, ask yourself if you are 100% happy with your body. Can you accept the risks of being obese/overweight, are you prepared to live that life style and shorten your life span? If the answer is yes, then there is no need to change, you're obviously happy with what you have and the future you will live. But, if you're not happy, and you want get off your path of disease and pain. If you don't' want to pass your unhealthy lifestyle on to future generations, and you want to start living your life to the fullest, then make the change! Get help, get active, get your nutrition on track and change your life!

Remember ... it's all a choice, it's all your choice.

- Tim




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