Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joint Mobility???

Joint mobility drills are the fountain of youth! No you didn't read that wrong, I'm not saying that joint mobility drills will make your skin smoother and give your hair that youthful shine it once had in high school! What I am saying is that you will be able to move with great ease well into your old age with the correct use and consistent practice of joint mobility drills. Imagine being able to move your joints with the ease of a baby when you are in your fifties or higher!

I'm sure your wondering how I can make a statment like this when I am no where near my fifties. Yes, I realise that it is a pretty big claim to make, however I will stick by it until the end! Let me explain, I have spent my whole life involved in fitness/health and martial arts, joint mobility drills have been a part of my workouts before I even knew what they were. All of my martial arts teachers are well over their fifties and move like cats, and guess what they did every day, joint mobility drills! If my seventy year old japanese karate teacher could throw out kicks that would make Chuck Norris blush, he must be doing something right.

If you have read this far you must be wondering "What the heck are joint mobility drills?". It's very simple, joint mobility drills would be moving your joints through their full range of motion to allow more synovial fluid to lubricate the joint. The result is healthier joints with less friction and a greater range of motion in the joint, think of it like putting WD40 in a rusty door hinge. They are very similar to the warm ups used by dancers, martial artists, and gymnasts. Joint mobility drills have stood the test of time and produce results, they are the reason that I have clients who now no longer need the use of physio or no longer have knee or shoulder pain during activity.

You don't need to already have bad joints to start a joint mobility program, infact everyone should start long before they ever reach a state where it becomes criticle. If you want your joints to move with the ease and mobility of a little baby and not be one of those poor elderly people who have trouble stepping up a curb to get into the mall, then do your body a favour and start joint mobility drills now. All personal training programs with Jungle Fit - Personal Training include joint mobility, for some it may even be best to base the program around regaining their joint health. For more information or to contact me on how to get started with your own natural/functional personal training program and lose 5-15lbs in 2 months then just go to and get on your way to the body and life you deserve.

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