Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Gift Of Health!

With the Holidays fast approaching I thought it would only be fitting to post a few gift ideas. Maybe you have a health/fitness enthusiast on your list, or someone looking to get back into shape, heck you could even use these as gift ideas for yourself! Enjoy, and happy Holidays everyone!

1. Personal Training Sessions: An excellent idea for anyone who already trains or for that person looking to get back into shape. Just make sure to find yourself a qualified trainer!

2. "How To Eat Move And Be Healthy"-By Paul Chek: An excellent book for everyone looking to change their life, how they look at food and exercise!

3. Lifeline USA Jungle Gym: An excellent suspension trainer. It offers body weight progressions for beginners to athletes and is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It does everything the TRX can do for less than half the price! It can be found at

4. Everlast Speed Jump Rope: The best $8.00 you will ever spend! Jumping rope boosts your metabolism, helps you lose body fat, and improves your balance/coordination. It can be found at Wal-Mart and would make an excellent stocking stuffer or addition to a gift.

5. Kitchen Supplies:
A blender, some good non stick frying pans, a mixing bowl with measuring cups, roasting pans etc. It's never a bad idea and new things always come in handy when you're looking to create some new meals that fit into a paleo/natural diet.

6. Yoga/Martial Arts/ Group Classes: Gives people a chance to try something new or spice things up with their routine. Also great to do in between your personal training days! Their are tons of options for you to choose from for anyone on your list.

7. Athletic Clothing: Almost everyone likes to look great, even while their working out! So why not get some new athletic clothing or a gift certificate from one of the many athletic apparel stores.

... These are just a few ideas to help you get rolling. Remember that health/fitness is the most important gift you can give yourself and the ones you love! Until next time, take care and enjoy your holidays!


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