"The Ronin Method" Ebook

Liberate yourself from the shackles of needing a gym membership - make the whole world your gym. 

With "The Ronin Method" you'll learn how you can get into outstanding shape, and stay that way forever, with nothing but your own bodyweight and a local park, hotel room, balcony, or wherever else you find yourself.  

"The Ronin Method" will teach you how to get into amazing shape, both physically and mentally, using Timothy Bell's proven minimalist training methods. 

The Ronin Method is right for you if ...

- You want to be able to turn the whole world into your gym - train anywhere, anytime 

- You're tired of paying a gym membership and want to learn how to train on your own

- You love to travel and need a fitness program that can be performed on the go

- You desire more freedom from your training and life

- You want the best bang for your buck out of your training - no filler just essentials 

- You live a busy life, with a full schedule, and have trouble finding time to train 

- You're looking for a training program that can be done for your entire life, keeping you spry 

- You want a program that wont be hard on your joints 

- You're looking to improve how strong you feel in everyday life

- You're stressed out, full of anxiety, and need to feel a greater sense of wellness

- You want a training program that improves your basic human movements 

- You want to be healthy, look great, and feel great - not just at the moment, but forever

- You want to learn how move for not just improved physical health, but mental well being as well

- You need a fitness program that builds you up and doesn't break you down

The Ronin Method is essential, sustainable, minimalist training for the everyday person. 

What you'll find within "The Ronin Method"...

- Over 40+ minimalist exercises that you can perform anywhere, regardless of your access to equipment - train anywhere and anytime

- Exercises that can be performed by you, regardless of your current fitness level - beginner to advanced

- Discover the "5 Element" movements that are essential to any training program

- The Ronin Workout: A powerful, high tension, minimalist workout that delivers a world class training session, while improving not just physical strength and conditioning - but also mental clarity

- Training templates for beginner, intermediate, and advanced trainees 

- How to build a "gym in a bag", filled with the essentials - so you can take a gym with you anywhere you go

- How to find your own FREE outdoor gym 

- An in depth look at how you can use normal objects found at home, in local parks, and in nature to enhance your training - everything from trees, rocks, soccer nets, jungle gyms, stair sets and more

- How to improve your mental clarity, reduce stress/anxiety, and increase your sense of wellness through meditation and moving meditation - The Ronin Method guides you through it

- Understand why it's essential to base your training around the principals of longevity, sustainability, and movement 

- Learn why and how to avoid the pitfalls of basing your training around bodybuilding or movie stars programs

- An in depth look at why gymnastics and acrobatic style training isn't ideal for the everyday person

- The best bang for your buck training, bar none - no filler, no bullshit, just the results for life

 The Ronin Method is the most complete guide ever written on how to train your body, and mind, for everyday life and longevity - anywhere in the world, with little to no equipment.

For a limited time, The Ronin Method comes with a FREE copy of "Ronin Nutrition" - Normally a $20.00 value. 

Ronin Nutrition is a no nonsense guide to how to eat in order to lose body fat, feel your best, and stay lean - forever! Ronin Nutrition contains the same principals and guide lines I use with my own clients to help them achieve their ideal body composition -for life. 

What you'll get with Ronin Nutrition ... 

- The 8 Guidelines for how to eat in order to get lean, feel amazing, and stay that way forever 

- The Ronin Food Pyramid - you'll see what to eat, clear as day

- Clear examples of how much space each food group should take up on your dinner plate

- Detailed examples of foods that will promote fat loss and health, the ones to eat daily

- Detailed examples of foods that promote weight gain and sickness, the ones to avoid

- The 3 Day Method of getting your nutrition on track, with this you'll have no trouble eating well

- Hand picked fun recipes that you can make today, as well as links to fantastic recipe websites

- A sample week of eating 

When combined, "The Ronin Method" and "Ronin Nutrition" provide you with everything you need to look, feel, and move your best - not just for the current moment, but forever. 

Training programs should fit into your life, not the other way around. 

The Ronin Method is the most sure fire way to give yourself the ability to train forever, remove excuses, build robust mental and physical strength, and save money on a gym membership. If you're ready to be free, healthy, and strong ... "The Ronin Method" is for you. 

Buy now and receive not only "The Ronin Method" but also "Ronin Nutrition" 
A total of $45.00 worth of value for only 

(*Price will increase to $24.99 in the future, and Ronin Nutrition will not be available)

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