Online Personal Training

Throw out your gym membership! Get into the BEST shape of your life, anywhere in the world, with your own personal trainer! Get the body and life you always wanted in just minutes with an expertly designed personal program!

 Hey! Are you tired? Tired of being tired, over weight, stressed out, and feel like ... you could just feel better? You want to feel better, look amazing, and improve your health, but you just can't seem to find the time. You're busy life, hectic schedule, family obligations, social outings, and kids don't leave you any time to go to the gym. Even when you do get to the gym you're tired and don't know what to do or where to start! You're unhappy with how you look, avoid taking your shirt off, and you just don't feel that strong or athletic. You know something needs to be done, you can't keep living like this! 

Don't Worry! You're Not Alone, And There Is A Solution!
Online Personal Training With Me, Timothy Bell.

Imagine, no more hiding your body, no more being lost in the gym, and all the benefits of having your own personal trainer anywhere you go!  With a training program designed specifically for you, you'll be on the way to having the body of your dreams in just minutes each week! I have helped countless people get into the best shape of their life, and I can help you too!

Why Online Training With Timothy Bell?

Unlimited contact with me (Timothy Bell)!

Everyone who purchases online personal training will have access to me (Timothy Bell) 24hrs a day! You'll never be lost, left with questions, or unclear about anything. Most personal trainers stop talking to clients when they're not on the clock. NOT ME! You can email or text me at any time and get your concerns addressed immediately!

You'll have a program designed for you, by me, that can be DONE ANYWHERE!
 There's no cookie cutter programs here! Forget the days of being lost when it comes to working out. Once you've completed your questionnaire form and structural analysis, I will design your custom program based around my proven methods! No need for a gym membership or fancy machines. Your program will be something you can do with little to no equipment at all, anywhere you go! All you have to do is follow the workout guidelines and you'll be shedding unwanted body fat, building functional strength, and looking amazing in no time! 

Workouts that take no time at all, but deliver AMAZING RESULTS!
Most programs designed by other trainers will have you working out for hours each day! Who has time for that? My training programs wont take up hours of your day, or even hours of your week! In just 20-30 min long workouts you'll be achieving results that will leave your friends asking for your secret! Less time working out, more time out enjoying your new improved body! What could be better than that?

Nutrition guidelines & recipes that will MELT FAT in no time!
 My nutrition guidelines will have you losing body fat at a rapid rate! Using my easy to understand, simple to make, and delicious meals you'll be on your way to revealing the lean, athletic, and impressive body you've always dreamed of having!  The added bonus, my nutritional guidelines will help improve your energy, mental clarity, and sleep! You'll receive tons of nutritional advice with my online training packages. Learn how to eat and keep your body looking and feeling amazing for life!

Regular update so your training NEVER gets old or boring!
 As you progress, so will your program! Things will never get boring and you'll never hit a plateau! Each and every month, you're program will adjust and change as you get stronger, leaner, and more athletic. This means, every single time you workout you'll be on your way to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be!

How It Works?

How does it work? Simple! You'll purchase your online training package, then within 24hours you'll receive a detailed questionnaire form and structural analysis. Once those have been filled out/completed by you, you'll email them back to me! From there, I'll build your highly personalized program and you'll be well on your way to becoming the strongest, leanest, best version of yourself.

You'll be in contact with me (Tim) though email, Facetime, or calls in order to keep your program up to date. You'll be auto billed the same day each month in order to keep your spot as one of my personal clients! You can cancel at any time to stop payments. It's simple!

Don't wast your time and hard earned money with unproven theories and random programs. Timothy Bell's methods have been proven effective. It like having Timothy as your own personal coach 24hours a day.

 What People Are Saying!

Normally 1 on 1 personal training with me for 1 month would cost upwards of $500. 
But with online personal training you won't be paying that anywhere near that! 

For 1 month of online personal training you'll be paying just $100!

That's $400 worth of savings in your pocket!!

Don't delay! Spaces are limited and fill up quickly! This is not a cookie cutter program, so people tend to keep their space for a long time!

Get Started ($100 Per Month)
Yes! I want Timothy Bell to be my online personal trainer and I'm ready to build the athletic, sexy, lean body of my dreams! 

Remember! You will be auto billed $100 per month to keep your spot as one of my personal clients. You may cancel at any time.


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